Friday, 6 April 2012

Welcome to Box Office Voodoo

Welcome to Box Office Voodoo, a new website for the archives of the RLLMUK forum weekly U.S box office report. I've been writing these reports since 2005 and decided it was about time to make things a little more official looking. A new report will appear each Sunday evening, some time between 4pm and 6pm and it will cover that weekend's box office happenings.

The existing reports are all archived below, stretching back to the very first one that was still available. Reports prior to that have sadly been lost. Like the old archive site (known as The Shark Broke The Mould), Box Office Voodoo will offer one of the quickest reports to appear online, each and every Sunday. It will hopefully continue to be one of the more detailed ones too.

Many thanks for taking the time to visit Box Office Voodoo, I hope you'll follow the site on Twitter and Facebook and visit each Sunday for the very latest U.S box office report.

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