Thursday 16 June 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 21st - 23rd May 2010

1. Shrek Forever After - $71.2M - $71.2M
2. Iron Man 2 - $26.6M - $251.2M
3. Robin Hood - $18.7M - $66.1M
4. Letters to Juliet - $9.1M - $27.4M
5. Just Wright - $4.2M - $14.6M
6. MacGruber - $4.1M - $4.1M
7. Date Night - $2.8M - $90.6M
8. A Nightmare on Elm Street - $2.2M - $59.9M
9. How to Train Your Dragon - $1.8M - $210.9M
10. Kites -$1M - $1M

Just an abridged report this weekend as we've got house guests. Shrek Forever After may have won the weekend with $71M but it's far cry from the $121M made by the abysmal third movie during it's first weekend - and that wasn't even in 3D like this new one is. Furthermore, Shrek is out at a record 4,359 locations, the widest ever for a PG rated movie. It's odd box office in that the film has made $71M but may well be looked upon as being quite disappointing. It had next to no competition given that How To Train Your Dragon is a couple of months old, leaving the family market fairly starved of entertainment. Next weekend's drop will determine where the film will go from here - but you can imagine Paramount/Dreamworks were hoping for closer to $100M.

Iron Man 2 drops 48% in its third weekend on release and crosses $250M in the process. At the same time the film crosses the half a billion dollar mark in total global sales. Meanwhile Robin Hood, which disappointed last weekend manages a 48% drop in its second frame. The $237M budgeted flick has now grossed $66M which is better than expected but leaves Hood still far from safe waters.

Saturday Night Live character Macgruber, a Macguyer knock-off/spoof, makes his big screen debut this weekend but with that take you'd be hard pressed to notice. This is pretty much dead in the water straight off the bat and will remain the charts only because of a lack of new releases. The only saving grace for Universal is that the film cost $10M to produce - a figure that the film should just about manage to see.

One further noteworthy release is Kites, one of the first Bollywood films to see a theatrical release in the US. Playing at just 208 locations the film managed to break into the top ten with a haul of $1M.

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