Tuesday 8 February 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 8 - 10th July 2005

1. Fantastic Four               $56M - $56M
2. War of the Worlds         $31.3M - $165.8M
3. Batman Begins             $10.2M - $172.1M
4. Dark Water                  $10.1M - $10.1M
5. Mr & Mrs Smith             $7.8M - $158.6M
6. Herbie: Fully Loaded     $6.2M - $48.5M
7. Bewitched                    $5.5M - $50.8M   
8. Madagascar                  $4.3M - $179.5M
9. Rebound                      $2.8M - $11.3M
10. Revenge of the Sith      $2.6M - $370.8M

Well after some truly shockingly bad trailers and equally bad word of month, not to mention being on the back of another superhero movie, one which has seen a complete rebirth of that franchise, Fantastic Four did pretty decent business for a 3 day total of $56M. With a relatively low budget of $100M, it should easily see a profit made but don't be suprised by a big fall off next weekend.

War of the Worlds stayed very strong with $31M and is already technically into profit. In its 4th week, Batman Begins remains very strong and proves yet again that good word of mouth often beats out 100s of adverts.

Elsewhere, the only other new entry was the remake of the Japanese horror movie Dark Water starring Jennifer Connelly, having an average opening for the genre at the moment. Herbie continues to do good buisness and should finish with a US box office of around $60M. Bewitched drops again but not as bad as it could have been. Still a long way to profit though. Somehow Rebound has made $11M. Maybe it's the sun?

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