Friday 11 February 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 5th - 7th October 2007

1. The Game Plan - $16.2M - $42.8M
2. The Heartbreak Kid - $14M - $14M
3. The Kingdom - $9.3M - $31M
4. Resident Evil: Extinction - $4.3M - $43.4M
5. Seeker: The Dark is Rising - $3.7M - $3.7M
6. Good Luck Chuck - $3.5M - $29M
7. Feel the Noise - $3.4M - $3.4M
8. 3:10 To Yuma -  $3M - $48.5M
9. Mr. Woodcock - $2.2M - $34.3M
10. The Brave One - $2M - $22.3M

Bit of a quick report this weekend - only just got back from a weekend away and I'm shattered. Also, the numbers seem to be getting later and later each week. During the summer Box Office Mojo posted the estimates around 5:15pm UK time. The last few weeks its been getting on for 6:30-7PM before they're online.

So The Game Plan retains the top spot with just a 29% drop, which is an excellent result for the movie and all concerned. Still the only movie in the top ten that's aimed squarely at families, The Game Plan could go on to become the Rock's biggest hit since The Scorpion King and may see close to $100M if it continues to hold well.

In a slightly disappointing second is The Heartbreak Kid, the new Farrelly Bros/Ben Stiller comedy. In the last few years the Farrelly brothers have really struggled to capitalize on the success they had with Something About Mary and Dumb & Dumber. That opening wouldn't be so bad for any other movie but the re-teaming of the aforementioned directors and cast was expected to win the weekend and do it comfortably. Unfortunately for all concerned, Knocked Up and Superbad pretty much ruled the summer and set the comedy bar a lot higher than a few gross out gags (though both films had their share of those too). Heartbreak looks set to perform between of Fever Pitch and Shallow Hal ($42M & $70M respectively).

The Kingdom is off around 45% in its second weekend and sits on $31M so far. With four new releases to face next weekend it looks like The Kingdom won't get chance to stretch its legs much further.

Both Resident Evil: Extinction and Good Luck Chuck drop again and like The Kingdom, might find themselves quickly shoved out of the way by next week's releases. RE:E will certainly fare better on DVD than Chuck, which doesn't appear to be the movie that''ll launch comedian Dane Cook into movie stardom (last year's Employee of the Month also failed on that score as well)

Sitting in between the two and opening wide at over 3,000 locations, The Seeker flops hard and fast. This appears to have been another fantasy epic that no one wanted to see (see Eragon) and it's doubtful that it will make any kind of recovery as the week goes on. Next up in the fantasy genre is a movie with a bit more pedigree - the first part of the 'His Dark Materials' trilogy is released in December.

The latest entry in the urban dance genre doesn't make much of a splash when compared to Step Up or Stomp the Yard. That said, Feel The Noise was in just over a thousand locations so had an ok screen to dollar average. If it had opened on another 250 locations it may well have bested The Seeker.

3:10 to Yuma sits just below the $50M mark and sadly, could be looking at its last weekend in the top ten. Rounding out the charts are two movies with strong casts but little else going for them. Mr Woodcock and The Brave one will finish up with under $30M and $40M respectively.

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