Wednesday 9 February 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 2nd - 4th June 2006

1. The Break-Up - $38.1M - $38.1M
2. X-Men: The Last Stand - $34.4M - $176M
3. Over the Hedge - $20.6M - $112M
4. The Da Vinci Code - $19.3M - $173M
5. Mission: Impossible III - $4.68M - $123M
6. Poseidon - $3.41M - $51.7M
7. RV - $3.3M - $61.8M
8. See No Evil - $2M - $12.4M
9. An Inconvenient Truth - $1.33M - $1.91M
10. Just My Luck - $825K - $15.6M

After a strong Friday taking and some positive word of mouth (not to mention tonnes of free hype from speculation regarding their relationship) the Jen Aniston/Vince Vaughn comedy The Break Up took the top spot with over $38M. A bit of an upset for certain with many analysts having X-3 retaining the top spot this week.

Aniston hasn't had much luck as the main lead in a film (Rumor Has It?) but has often seen her movies do well when partnered with a strong lead (witness the good box office for the Along Came Polly, a comedy she did with Ben Stiller). After Friday some where saying the movie would top the $40M mark but lower numbers Saturday and similar expected today have put paid to that. But no one can argue with that taking.

Which is more than can be said for X3, which saw a huge plunge from last weekend (a big drop is generally expected but this was much bigger than anticipated) with a loss of 66% of business from this time last week. The movie has now taken $175M in just two weekends, but even with that, questions will still be asked as to why the movie didn't retain the top spot and why it didn't have a second weekend of $40M+. Global box office totals (inc. US) now runs at $260M.

Holding on tight at three is the CGI comedy Over The Hedge, which lost just 20% of its business from last weekend and has now had 3 weeks of $20M+ business. After a slightly disappointing start the movie has dug in for the long haul and has yet to open in the majority of foreign territories. It won't do Ice Age 2 box office but is certainly holding its own against bigger movies.

The Da Vinci Code falls 2 places with another big drop from last weekend. Fortunately for Da Vinci, the foreign ticket sales are more than shoring up the global box office ($490M and counting).

The box office then takes a huge dip to the no.5 movie, MI3, which doesn't even clear $5M in its fifth weekend on the chart. Compare it to Over The Hedge which has taken only $10M less from its 3 weeks on the chart. $306M in total global sales is strong but when you were hoping for over $400M at this point in the release, disappointment is bound to set in (crazy I know!)

Posiedon crosses the $50M mark but is still dead in the water. It's not putting up any kind of fight (or the studios aren't letting it) and is only so high in the charts because there aren't more new releases to push it out.

RV continues to nibble away, albeit slower than any other week, and starts to see its theatre count drop off. The movie was rewarded with crossing the $60M total this weekend.

See No Evil takes a couple of million and had recouped it's low production budget. Perhaps opening at such a busy time did more damage than good. Surely a less crowded October release would have seen it take the number one spot and be rewarded with more box office.

The eco-docu An Inconvenient Truth, showing on just 77 screens, breaks into the top ten and scores the highest ticket to screens total of any movie, including The Break-Up. Will more screens equal more box office or has everyone who wanted to see it managed to find one of those 77 screens?

Finally, taking less than a million, the Lindsay Lohan comedy Just My Luck will leave the top ten next week with a box office total around $16M.

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