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U.S Box Office Report - 26th - 28th May 2006

1. X-Men: The Last Stand - $120M - $120M
2. The Da Vinci Code - $43M - $146M
3. Over the Hedge - $35.3M - $84.4M
4. Mission: Impossible III - $8.57M - $116M
5. Poseidon - $7M - $46.6M
6. RV - $5.3M - $57.2M
7. See No Evil - $3.2M - $9.16M
8. Just My Luck - $2.3M - $13.9M
9. United 93 - $1.1M - $29.9M
10. An American Haunting - $937K - $14.9M

Just a quick report for this week. Well X3 performed very well indeed but did suffer quite a drop off over the weekend. Friday was obviously its strongest day ($45) but come Sunday it had dropped off ($25M) but really that's just splitting hairs. The movie did very well and scored a few records in the process. It should retain the top spot next week as its only serious competition is the Jennifer Aniston/Vince Vaughn comedy The Break-Up. It will be interesting to see what sort of a drop of X3 suffers next weekend.

No worldwide figure is available as yet but with such a high total, The Da Vinci Code could see it's glory from last weekend stolen. For movies such as these reviews mean very little (many would argue they mean bugger all for any movie) but for comic based movie, the harshest critics were source material fans, who seemed to be more disappointed than anything else. The Last Stand it certainly won't be.

Da Vinci saw a big drop of 55% from last weekend, which was perhaps a bit higher than the studio would have liked but with a worldwide (inc US) total of $464M in just 10 days it isn't going to cause sleepless nights.

Dropping just 30% of business, the other big hit of the week outside of X3 was Over The Hedge. The film has now made $75M in ten days but one must wonder whether the holiday weekend (traditionally a time for kids movies to perform better) was the key here. Any other weekend would the movie have performed so well?

The rest of the top ten is made up of older titles - MI3 is still struggling and probably wonders how X3 took more in its first four days than it has taken in 4 weekends. Posiedon will be happy to get past $50M at this stage (just $110M of its production budget) while RV just keeps hanging in there, finding a little niche each weekend. See No Evil just crosses its production budget and will find its market on DVD among horror & wrestling fans alike.

Just My Luck, United 93 & An American Haunting round out the top ten.

One curio - the Al Gore hosted/narrated documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, about the effect of global warming and the environment as a whole, took the highest screen-tickets average of any movie in the top 30, including X3.

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