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U.S Box Office Report - 25th - 27th November 2005

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - $54.9M $201M
2. Walk the Line - $19.7-M $54.7M
3. Yours, Mine and Ours - $17.5M $24.5M
4. Chicken Little - $12.4M $118M
5. Rent - $10.7M $18.5M
6. Just Friends - $9.28M $13.6M
7. Pride & Prejudice - $7.03M $15.9M
8. Derailed - $4.72M $29.4M
9. In the Mix - $4.47M $6.15M
10. The Ice Harvest - $3.74M $5.05M

Harry Potter once again dominates the box office very comfortably. Buoyed by the thanksgiving visit to the cinema, the movie has made it past the $200M mark in just 7 days. More impressive is Walk The Line, which lost just 12% of its business over the week.

Any new film opening this week has the advantage of the long weekend, opening on Wednesday instead of Friday.

Biggest new entry this week is the family comedy Yours, Mine & Ours starring Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid who have misadventures and japes when then they bring all their respective kids together (his, hers and their own!). File along side Bringing Down The House and Cheaper By The Dozen (Which has a sequel in the works). Chicken Little continues to take double figure totals in its fourth week and will really make Disney feel confident they can go it alone without Pixar. (and they need to be ready because it looks like CGI kiddie-orientated movies are THE thing for next year more than ever)

Musical adaptation Rent opened well for a musical but early reports have massive fans of the stage version seeing the movie numerous times. Next week will show if the movie has any real legs.

Just Friends, the Ryan Reynolds Fat Man makes good when he becomes thin comedy opened well and will probably already be in profit. This is Reynolds 2nd release in as many months (Waiting was his previous) and this kind of low budget movie is a fast money maker for studios.

Pride and Prejudice added a number of screens to its total and saw it's box office double over the holidays. The movie is doing far better than it did in the UK. (and let's Knightley breathe easier after the disaster that was Domino)

Of our final new entries, one was the Usher comedy In The Mix. Almost universally panned, it was lucky to see a place in the top ten. The other release, The Ice Harvest, showing on 1500 screens, with a total of $5M.

The George Clooney Thriller Syriana opened limited on just five screens and took just over half a million.

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