Tuesday 8 February 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 18th - 20th November 2005

1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - $101M $101M
2. Walk the Line - $22.4M $22.4M
3. Chicken Little - $14.8M $99.2M
4. Derailed - $6.53M $21.8M
5. Zathura - $5.1M $20.3M
6. Jarhead - $4.8M $54.3M
7. Get Rich or Die Tryin' - $4.38M $24.5M
8. Saw II - $3.9M $78.9M
9. The Legend of Zorro - $2.3M $42.8M
10. Pride & Prejudice - $2.11M $5.97M

Well we kind of knew Harry Potter would do well so let's just say that it did very well and took more in the first 3 days than any other of the previous Potter movies did. The best of them, Prisoner of Askaban, was closest with $93M. This is even more impressive because of the fact that Goblet is a pg13 rating - no parents dropping the kids off to see the movie this time - perhaps that helped too? More people going as a family.

Also having an impressive weekend was the Johnny Cash biopic, Walk The Line. Mixed to positive reviews, not to mention an interesting subject aided the film with its big opening.

Elsewhere everything has simply moved further down the charts, with a couple swapping places. Chicken dropped two places but still took an impressive $14.8M for its third weekend. Derailed has been the strongest of last weeks releases, losing 46% from its total last week. Zathura dropped three places and took just $5.1M while the 50 Cent drama took $4.38M. The advantage being that Get Rich only cost $40M to make while Zathura cost $65M.

Jarhead held tight in there too and is now $18M from recouping its production budget. Saw II continues to make a little money each week and has now covered its production budget by $74M.

The top ten is rounded out by Legend of Zorro and Pride and Prejudice. The latter being more impressive as it is still only being shown on 221 screens (as opposed to the 2,150 Zorro is being shown on).

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