Tuesday 8 February 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 11th - 13th November 2005

1. Chicken Little - $32M $80.8M
2. Zathura - $14M $14M
3. Derailed - $12.8M $12.8M
4. Get Rich or Die Tryin' - $12.5M $18.2M
5. Jarhead - $12.3M $47.1M
6. Saw II - $9.4M $74.2M
7. The Legend of Zorro - $6.6M $39.5M
8. Prime - $4M $19M
9. Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story - $3.8M $28.9M
10. Pride & Prejudice - $2.8M $2.8M

Chcken Little continues to do insane business, losing just 20% of its business from last weekend. Disney must be loving it. There's been a lot of talk about Disney not being able to produce a CGI movie, that was a success, without Pixar.

In at two and probably disappointing the makers, is the Jumanji in space Zathura. It was well reviewed, it's on a lot of screens so who knows what went wrong. I'd imagine Sony would have been happier with just under $25M.

The first release from the Weinstein Company, the thriller Derailed, opens at 3 with $12.8M which isn't too bad for an R rated thriller in a busy market. It only cost $22M to make so should see a profit.

The 50 Cent drama opened at 4, which may appear disappointing but when you consider that it is an R rated urban movie, being shown on only 1200+ screens, it had the 3rd best screen to ticket sale ratio of the top ten. Since it opened on Wednesday it has taken $18M overall.

Last weeks Jarhead drops a few places and loses 55% from last weeks total but has taken $47M in just two weekends. I'm guessing the studios would have preferred more staying power as the film is budgeted at $72M. Strong word of mouth should hold it in the top ten another couple of weeks.

Horror movie Saw II adds another $9M to its massive total of $74M, from a budget of just $4M! As expected, Saw III has already been announced. Legend of Zorro is refusing to go quietly into the night and dragged another $6M from audiences. Sadly, it's a long way off its production budget $75M (the most expensive movie in the top ten)

Prime and Dreamer took roughly the same amount give or take a $100,000 and both movies are still $4M short of recouping their production budgets. The big surprise this week is the return of Keira Knightly to the top ten after being shot down so poorly just a few weeks ago with Domino. Pride & Prejudice has entered the top ten, taking a whopping $4M from just 215 screens, which gives it the highest average of any film in the top twenty.

Elsewhere, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang doesn't appear to have opened wider (not as many screens as was expected anyway) and so adds just $830,000 to its total. This should be on more screens! Good Luck and Goodnight dropped a few places out of the top ten but continues to take in a good amount each week. It has now doubled its box office.

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