Friday 11 February 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 11h - 13th May 2007

1. Spider-Man 3 - $60m - $242M
2. 28 Weeks Later - $10m - $10m
3. Georgia Rule - $5.8m - $5.8m
4. Disturbia - $4.8m - $66.3m
5. Delta Farce - $3.5m - $3.5m
6. Fracture - $2.9m - $30m
7. The Invisible - $2.2m - $15.5m
8. Hot Fuzz - $1.65m - $19m
9. Next - $1.60m - $14.6m
10. Meet the Robinsons - $1.6m - $94m

Unsurprisingly Spider-Man 3 is still top of the charts by a hefty margin even with it's huge 60% dip in takings this weekend. Still 60% of the highest ever weekend is more than most manage but it has failed to break PotC2s record for first week takings. The webslinger took a further $85m internationally which puts it on $622m worldwide. On the surface those numbers look stunning (and they are) but the huge hit Spiderman 3 has took has people talking. The first movie lost just 37% of business in its second weekend (and actually took more than Spidey 3 took in its second weekend) while Spiderman 2 lost around 49% of business in its second weekend. Spiderman 3 failed to reach $200M quicker than Pirates 2 & Revenge of the Sith, amongst others.

What it means is that the film may end up having broken a pile of opening records yet may not finish in the top ten US movies of all time. More importantly it hasn't cashed in on its 'free' weekend - this weekend Spiderman 3 had no major competition and should have done close to $80-90M - from next weekend for at least 2 month there'll be a new major release every week (with a couple of exceptions). Next week it'll be interesting to see how Shrek The Third affects Spiderman's box office. But really, how can anyone be concerned with $622M in two weeks?

Far away in second is 28 Weeks Later playing in 2,303 locations. Missing both Danny Boyle and Cillian Murphy, the film took $10M in its first weekend on the charts. Again, on the surface it looks pretty decent for a low budget horror movie but in actual fact 28 Days Later did the same amount of business on less than half the locations. The first movie had surprise and word of mouth on its side - this sequel, while scoring some impressive reviews, didn't have the same kind of pull. With no hard 'R' competition next weekend the film might have better legs than most horror films have and hopefully the word of mouth that helped propel the first movie will help again here.

Georgia Rule, the much maligned Lindsay Lohan movie fails as alternative programming. Also starring Jane Fonda & Felicity Huffman the movie ran into problems during production for Lohan's apparent partying and unprofessionalism. With her antics being in the news almost every week she's gone from being the cute star of Herbie & Mean Girls to a star the public are sick of seeing both on screen and off. Only a lack of major new releases will save this from a fast exit from the charts. If you really want to see how bad Georgia did you only have to look at Disturbia - now in its fifth week in the charts and it make just a million less than Georgia does on its first outing. Lohan might be running out of chances.

Our final new entry is the awful comedy Delta Farce starring Larry The Cable Guy as someone who signs up as a weekend reservist only to find himself being shipped off to Iraq...except he and his friends get dropped in Mexico by accident - hilarity ensues. This won't last long in the charts but again will see at least a couple of weeks there due to the lack of new releases.

Fracture crosses the $30M mark this weekend and while not being a complete failure, certainly wasn't the cat & mouse thriller success it was expected to be. Meanwhile The Invisible will join Next as another movie that'll leave the top ten without having made $20M.

In between those two is Hot Fuzz which is still in somewhat limited release (just 1200 locations). The film edges closer to $20M and sits on an impressive global total (Inc US figures) of $68M. It's also helping cement Simon Pegg's name in Hollywood. He'll next be seen in Run Fatboy Run.

Finally rounding out the top ten is Meet The Robinsons, still struggling on towards $100M, a task it will find much tougher once Shrek The Third is released next weekend. While not performing as well as Chicken Little it's certainly not been a disappointment for Disney.

Elsewhere the Zach Braff movie The Ex debut at just 1009 locations and saw just $1.3M. Good job Scrubs has been renewed!

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