Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Box Office Review of 2011

1. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Pt.2 - $381M - $947M - $1.3B
2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - $352M - $770M - $1.1B
3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt.1 - $266M - $381M - $647M
4. The Hangover: Part 2 - $254M - $327M - $581M
5. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - $241M - $802M - $1.043B
6. Fast Five - $209M - $416M - $626M
7. Cars 2 - $191M -$360M - $551M
8. Thor - $181M - $267M - $448M
9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $176.6M - $304M - $481M
10. Captain America: The First Avenger - $176.6M - $191M - $368M

Domestic Position - Film Title - Domestic Take - International Take - Total Global Take

As 2011 comes to a close, it's time to look back on the year's US box office, both domestically and internationally. We've had the expected hits, the surprising flops and more than a hint that the 3D dream is coming to an end. As witnessed in previous years, the international market continues to play a major part in a film's success, even when all seems lost in North America. Sequels were back with a vengeance, but they were joined by a number of original properties - though based on existing characters or stories. Animation also returned, but perhaps not quite as strongly as in previous years, at least not on the domestic market. On top of all that, we had the usual sleepers and more than a few disappointments, some quite costly. So, without further ado, the 2011 Box Office Review.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 16th - 18th December 2011

1. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - $40M - $40M
2. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked - $23.5M - $23.5M
3. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol - $13M - $13M
4. New Year's Eve - $7.4M - $24.8M
5. The Sitter - $4.4M - $17.7M
6. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 - $4.3M - $266.4M
7. Young Adult - $3.6M - $4M
8. Hugo - $3.6M - $39M
9. Arthur Christmas - $3.6M - $38.5M
10. The Muppets - $3.5M - $70.9M
(11. The Descendants $3.3M - $28.7M)

A slightly shorter report again this week I'm afraid, due to family and work commitments. Hopefully things will get back on track after the new year. On to this weekend - and it's once again a busy one on a number of levels. We have two wide opening major releases, with an expansion to a 1,000 locations for Young Adult, and the Imax release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Which will expand onto normal screens next week, along with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). And next weekend is busier still...

U.S Box Office Report - 9th - 11th December 2011

1. New Year's Eve - $13.7M - $13.7M
2. The Sitter - $10M - $10M
3. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 - $7.9M - $259.4M
4. The Muppets - $7M - $65.8M
5. Arthur Christmas - $6.6M - $33.4M
6 . Hugo - $6.1M - $33.4M
7. The Descendants - $4.3M - $23.6M
8. Happy Feet Two - $3.7M - $56.8M
9. Jack and Jill - $3.2M - $68.6M
10. Immortals - $2.4M - $79.8M

A shorter box office report this weekend due to family commitments. After the quiet frame last weekend, we've got two new releases in the guise of R-rated comedy The Sitter and ensemble comedy drama New Year's Eve. We'll also see if films like The Muppets can recover from their disappointing second frames.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 1st - 3rd December 2011

1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 - $16.9M - $247.2M
2. The Muppets - $11.2M - $56.4M
3. Hugo - $7.6M - $25.1M
4. Arthur Christmas - $7.3M - $25.2M
5. Happy Feet Two - $6M - $51.7M
6. Jack and Jill $5.5M - $64.3M
7. The Descendants - $5.2M - $18.1M
8. Puss in Boots $3M - $139.5M
9. Immortals - $4.3M - $75.5M
10. Tower Heist - $4.1M - $70.7M

A rare weekend in the box office calendar - no new major releases. After a busy Thanksgiving everyone gets a breather before the onslaught begins again next weekend with the release of The Sitter and New Years Eve. They'll be followed up by M:I: Ghost Protocol, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, War Horse and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, amongst others. This frame sees Hugo and The Descendants expand further, while The Muppets will be hoping to take the top spot from Breaking Dawn.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 25th - 27th November 2011

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 - $42M - $221.3M
2. The Muppets - $29.5M - $42M
3. Happy Feet Two - $13.4M - $43.7M
4. Arthur Christmas - $12.7M - $16.9M
5. Hugo - $11.4M - $15.4M
6. Jack and Jill - $10.3M - $57.4M
7. Immortals - $8.8M - $68.6M
8. Puss in Boots - $7.4M - $135.3M
9 . Tower Heist - $7.3M - $65.4M
10. The Descendants - $7.2M - $10.7M

This weekend's box office might seem almost anti-climatic but that's in part due to the three new films opening on Wednesday, in a hope of scoring some of that lucrative Thanksgiving market. That early opening led to slightly subdued weekend figures. In a real direct clash, three studios opted to open three family friendly films on the same day - and that's on top of Puss in Boots and Happy Feet 2. Having been starved of entertainment of late, the family market found themselves spoilt for choice. Good for the public, not so good for the losing studios. Add into the mix the Thanksgiving holiday and the second frame for Twilight: Breaking Dawn and we have ourselves one very busy box office.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 18th - 20th November 2011

1. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 - $139.5M - $139.5M
2. Happy Feet 2 - $22M - $22M
3. Immortals - $12.2M - $52.9M
4. Jack and Jill - $12M - $41M
5. Puss in Boots - $10.7M - $122.3M
6. Tower Heist - $6.9M - $53.3M
7. J. Edgar - $5.9M - $20.6M
8. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas - $2.9M - $28.3M
9. In Time - $1.6M - $33.4M
10. The Descendants - $1.25M - $1.25M

Just two wide new releases this frame but one is destined to be amongst the biggest of 2011. Twilight: Breaking Dawn is joined by the Happy Feet sequel and, opening in limited release, Alexander Payne's new flick, The Descendants. After a solid showing last frame, would the Immortals be a one weekend wonder?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

U.S Box Office - 11th - 13th November 2011

1. Immortals - $32M - $32M
2. Jack & Jill - $26M - $26M
3. Puss in Boots - $25.5M - $108.8M
4. Tower Heist - $13.2M - $43.8M
5. J. Edgar - $11.4M - $11.4M
6. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas - $5.9M - $23.2M
7. In Time - $4.1M - $30.6M
8. Paranormal Activity 3 - $3.6M - $100.8M
9. Footloose - $2.7M - $48.7M
10. Real Steel - $2M - $81.7M

We have two new releases this weekend before the latest Twilight film is unleashed (and records potentially smashed). Adam Sandler returns to screens with Jack & Jill and that's joined by Tarsem's sword and sandals epic, Immortals. Also joining the fray in a more limited capacity is J.Edgar, Clint Eastwood's biopic based of the infamous FBI director. Last weekend saw Puss In Boots see off Tower Heist, retaining the top spot for a second frame and witnessing one of the lowest frame to frame drops in recent memory. Could the Shrek spin off make it three in a row?

Sunday, 6 November 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 3rd - 5th November 2011

1. Puss in Boots - $33M - $33M
2. Tower Heist - $25.1M - $25.1M
3. A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas - $13M - $13M
4. Paranormal Activity 3 - $8.5M - $95.3M
5. In Time - $7.7M - $24.2M
6. Footloose - $1.4M - $41.7M
7. Real Steel - $3.4M - $78.7M
8. The Rum Diary - $2.9M - $10.4M
9. The Ides of March - $2M - $36.8M
10. Moneyball - $1.9M - $70.3M

Two wide releases join the fight for the top spot this weekend, and they'll be joined next weekend by Immortals and the Adam Sandler comedy Jack & Jill. Last weekend's Puss in Boots will be hoping for a decent hold after its $34M start. The other releases last frame disappointed to varying degrees - In Time made it above $10M but poor word of mouth might kneecap it a week on, while The Rum Diary was billed a failure by the end of its first night. But to this week, we have the ensemble comedy Tower Heist up against the third Harold & Kumar flick - Would Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy be enough to see off the Christmas themed stoners?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 28th - 30th October 2011

1. Puss in Boots - $34M - $34M
2. Paranormal Activity 3 - $18.5M - $81.3M
3. In Time - $12M - $12M
4. Footloose - $5.4M - $38.4M
5. The Rum Diary - $5M - $5M
6. Real Steel - $ 4.7M - $73.8M
7. The Three Musketeers - $3.5M - $14.8M
8. The Ides of March - $2.7M - $33.4M
9. Moneyball - $2.4M - $67.4M
10. Courageous - $1.8M - $27.6M
(14). Anonymous - $1M - $$1M

As we get ready to enter November, Hollywood once again starts to fire up the big guns. With the exception of the first weekend in December, we'll see at least one major, potential blockbuster every week from now until the end of the year. While we've had a vast number of releases in the last month or so, only a couple of them have had the potential to break out. After Puss in Boots this frame we'll have Immortals and Jack & Jill. A week later and we have the fourth Twilight film and Happy Feet 2, followed closely by Arthur Christmas, The Muppets and Hugo. And that's just November. December holds almost as many potential big hitters with Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, Mission: Impossible 4, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and War Horse being just four of them. Last weekend brought us the record breaking Paranormal Activity 3, alongside poor performers The Three Musketeers and Johnny English Reborn. With four new films out this weekend, three of them opening wide, how would they shape up against the horror film over Halloween?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 21st - 23rd October 2011

1. Paranormal Activity 3 - $54M - $54M
2. Real Steel - $11.3M - $67.2M
3. Footloose - $10.8M - $30.8M
4. The Three Musketeers - $8.8M- $8.8M
5. The Ides of March - $4.9M - $29.1M
6. Dolphin Tale - $ 4.2M - $64.3M
7. Moneyball - $4M - $63.7M
8. Johnny English Reborn - $3.8M - $3.8M
9. The Thing - $3.1M - $14M
10. 50/50 - $2.8M - 28.8M
(15. The Mighty Macs - $1M - $1M)

This weekend four new releases join the fray, joined by a further four next frame as things start to hot up as we approach Thanksgiving. Last weekend Footloose narrowly missed out on the top spot as Real Steel made it two in a row. The other releases, The Thing and The Big Year failed to light up the box office, with the latter being an outright disaster and the former disappointed greatly. This frame we've got two wider openers alongside two smaller releases. With Halloween just around the corner we see the return of the Paranormal Activity franchise while Paul W.S Anderson leaves the Resident Evil series to bring his 3D interpretation of The Three Musketeers to the big screen. And, having been something of a smash abroad, Johnny English Reborn joins the sports drama The Might Macs at between 1000 and 1500 locations.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 14th - 16th October 2011

1. Real Steel - $16.3M - $51.7M
2. Footloose - $16.1M - $16.1M
3. The Thing - $8.7M - $8.7M
4. The Ides of March - $7.2M - $22.1M
5. Dolphin Tale - $6.3M - $58.6M
6. Moneyball - $5.5M - $57.7M
7. 50/50 - $4.3M - $24.3M
8. Courageous - $3.4M - $21.3M
9. The Big Year - $3.3M - $3.3M
10. The Lion King 3D - $2.7M - $90.4M

[Some figures may be subject to minor alteration]

After just the two new releases last frame, things ramp up again this weekend with three new releases. There'll be a further eight releases in the following fortnight too, as we head into and beyond Halloween, and towards the lucrative Thanksgiving holiday frame. Real Steel opened on the lower end of expectations last weekend and would be looking to this frame for a decent hold, while hoping the new releases don't impact its potential market too much. Of the new releases we once again have a remake, alongside a prequel and a novel adaptation.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 7th - 9th October 2011

1. Real Steel - $27.3M - $27.3M
2. The Ides of March - $10.4M - $10.4M
3. Dolphin Tale - $9.1M - $49M
4. Moneyball - $7.5M - $49.2M
5. 50/50 - $5.5M - $17.3M
6. Courageous - $4.6M - $15.8M
7. The Lion King - $4.5M - $85.9M
8. Dream House - $4.5M - $14.4M
9. What's Your Number? - $3M - $10.3M
10. Abduction - $2.9M - $23.3M

Dolphin Tale surprised many last weekend by moving up to the top spot, leaving Moneyball in second place for the second weekend in a row. The new releases didn't amount to much, with only one of them making over $9M. That film was Courageous, the faith based drama that was out to only 1,100 or so locations and already in profit by Friday night. The film actually finished fifth last frame but moved up a spot when actual weekend figures were issued on Monday evening (the Sunday boost is being accredited to churchgoers attending screenings of the film post-Sunday worship). This week things quieten down a little after the glut of new films in the past month. Hugh Jackman returns to the big screen in his first starring role since 2009's Wolverine with the family action drama Real Steel while George Clooney directs and stars in the political drama, The Ides of March.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 30th September - 2nd October 2011

1. Dolphin Tale - $14.2M - $37.5M
2. Moneyball - $12.5M - $38.4M
3. The Lion King (in 3D) - $11M - $79.6M
4. 50/50 - $8.9M - $8.9M
5. Courageous - $8.8M - $8.8M
6. Dream House - $8.2M - $8.2M
7. What's Your Number - $5.6M - $5.6M
8. Abduction - $5.6M - $19.1M
9. Contagion - $5M - $64.7M
10. Killer Elite - $4.8M - $17.4M

With the announcement last Sunday that The Lion King 3D would not be pulled from theatres after two weeks on release, as had originally been planned, four new films join the current releases in an attempt to usurp the Disney classic from the top spot. Last weekend's Moneyball and Dolphin Tale both performed well, while Abduction and Killer Elite disappointed. This frame brings us a comedy drama, a psychological thriller and a romantic comedy. There's also Courageous, a faith based drama from the makers of 2008's Fireproof.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 23rd - 25th September 2011

1. The Lion King 3D $22.1M - $22.1M
2. Moneyball - $20.6M - $20.6M
3. Dolphin Tale - $20.2M - $20.2M
4. Abduction $11.2M - $11.2M
5. Killer Elite - $9.5M - 49.5M
6. Contagion $8.6M - $57.1M
7. Drive - $5.7M - $21.5M
8. The Help - $4.4M - $154.4M
9. Straw Dogs - $2.1M - $8.8M
10. I Don't Know How She Does It - $2M - $8M

One week after The Lion King 3D performed above and beyond expectations, four new films enter the arena to challenge the Disney re-release, one of which is also in 3D. These four new films will again be joined by four more next frame. This weekend sees the third frame for Contagion, and the follow up weekend for the well-reviewed Drive. The new releases this weekend see two action flicks joining two real life dramas.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 16th - 18th September 2011

1. The Lion King 3D - $29.3M - $29.3M
2. Contagion - $ 14.4M - $44.1M
3. Drive - $10.8M - $10.8M
4. The Help - $6.4M - $147.3M
5. Straw Dogs - $5M - $5M
6. I Don't Know How She Does It - $4.5M - $4.5M
7. The Debt - $2.9M - $26.5M
8. Warrior - $2.7M - $9.9M
9. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $2.6M - $171.6M
10. Colombiana - $2.3M - $33.3M

Another four news films this weekend - a doctored re-release, a remake, and two book adaptations. Contagion opened well last frame but would quickly face dramatic competition while The Help continued to be a law unto itself. Going into the weekend, the no.1 spot was open to anyone, but most figured Contagion would hold firm....

Sunday, 11 September 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 9th - 11th September 2011

1. Contagion - $23.1M - $23.1M
2. The Help - $8.6M - $137M
3. Warrior - $5.6M - $5.6M
4. The Debt - $4.9M - $22M
5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $3.8M - 167.8M
6. Colombiana - $4M - $29.7M
7. Shark Night 3D - $3.5M - $14.7M
8. Apollo 18 - $2.9M - $15M
9. Our Idiot Brother - $2.7M - $21.4M
10. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World - $2.5M - $34.2M
(14). Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star - $1.4M - $1.4M
(15). Creature - $331K - $331K

This weekend sees the first signs that we're emerging from the August dumping ground with two new releases with excellent pedigree, Contagion and Warrior. They're joined by the little hyped comedy, Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star and horror flick, Creature. Of late, the new releases seem to have barely made a dent, but with such dramatic competition, could The Help hang on to the top spot for the fourth consecutive weekend - something that hasn't happened since Avatar in 2010. Sunday box office may be slightly lower due to 9/11 tenth anniversary.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 2nd - 4th September 2011

1. The Help - $14.2M - $118.6M
2. Apollo 18 - $8.7M - $8.7M
3. Shark Night 3D - $8.6M - $8.6M
4. The Debt - $9.7M - $11.6M
5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes $7.8M - $160M
6. Colombiana - $7.4M - $21.9M
7. Our Idiot Brother - $5.1M - $15.4M
8. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - $4.9M - $16.3M
9. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World - $4.6M - $29M
10. The Smurfs - $4M - $131.9M

It's Labour Day Weekend in North America meaning the Sunday takes should closer emulate a Saturday, giving some lucky movies a much needed boost. We've got three new films this frame, along with sneak-peaks for the Tom Hardy starrer Warrior and the limited release of A Good Old Fashioned Orgy. Once again, The Help cannot be underestimated.....

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 26th - 28th August 2011

1. The Help - $14.3M - $96.6M
2. Colombiana - $10.3M - $10.3M
3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $8.6M - $148.4M
4. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark- $8.6M - $8.6M
5. Our Idiot Brother - $6.5M - $6.5M
6. Spy Kids: All the Time In the World - $5.7M - $21.7M
7. The Smurfs - $4.8M - $126M
8. Conan the Barbarian - $3.1M - $16.5M
9. Fright Night - $3M - $14.2M
10. Crazy, Stupid, Love - $2.9M - $69.5M

After the lacklustre performance of last weekend openers, Hollywood once again grace us with three more new releases, in the hope that at least one would catch the public's attention. And there's no let up on the horizon, with at least three new releases due over the next month and well into October. Our late summer sleeper, The Help, continues to surprise with its impressive performance, and even managed that rare thing of moving up into the no.1 spot during its second frame.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 19th - 21st August 2011

1. The Help - $20.4M - $71.8M
2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $16.3M - $133.8M
3. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World - $12M - $12M
4. Conan the Barbarian - $10M - $10M
5. The Smurfs - $9.8M - $117.7M
6. Fright Night - $8.3M - $8.3M
7. Final Destination 5 - $7.7M - $32.2M
8. 30 Minutes or Less - $6.3M - $25.7M
9. One Day - $5.1M - $5.1M
10. Crazy, Stupid, Love - $4.9M - $64.4M

August continues to bring us an odd collection of releases. This weekend a further four join the fray, a long-time-coming sequel, two remakes and a book adaptation. We've also got the second frame of The Help, a film which surprised last weekend and continued to perform better than expected during the week. With no clear front runner amongst the new releases there was also the very slim chance that Rise of the Planet of the Apes could see a third weekend at the top spot. As it turned out, it would not be a great week for the newcomers....

Sunday, 14 August 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 12th - 14th August 2011

1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $27.5M - $104M
2. The Help - $25.5M - $35.4M
3. Final Destination 5 - $18.4M - $18.4M
4. The Smurfs - $13.5M - $101.5M
5. 30 Minutes or Less - $13M - $13M
6. Cowboys & Aliens - $7.6M - $81.4M
7. Captain America: The First Avenger - $7.1M - $156.8M
8. Crazy, Stupid, Love - $6.9M - $55.4M
9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - $6.8M - $356.9M
10. The Change-Up - $6.2M - $25.7M
(11). Glee The 3D Concert Movie - $5.7M - $5.7M

We're now unofficially out of blockbuster season and into the dumping ground, with studios throwing anything and everything onto screens and hoping that something will stick. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is coming off a great opening frame but finds itself challenged by four new openers this week, who in turn will be joined by four more next frame.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 5th - 7th August 2011

1. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - $54M - $54M
2. The Smurfs - $21M - $76.2M
3. Cowboys & Aliens - $15.7M - $67.3M
4. The Change-Up - $13.5M - $13.5M
5. Captain America: The First Avenger - $13M - $143.1M
6. Crazy, Stupid, Love - $12.1M - $42.1M
7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - $12.1M - $342.8M
8. Horrible Bosses - $4.6M - $105.1M
9. Friends With Benefits - $4.7M - $48.5M
10. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - $2.8M - $344.1M

We're still a few weeks from the dumping ground that is late August, when studios release films that either don't fit anywhere else or that they're just glad to be rid of. Two new release vie for attention this frame, to be joined by a further four next weekend. We've also got the second frame of the duelling duo The Smurfs and Cowboy & Aliens.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 29th - 31st July 2011

1. The Smurfs - $36.2M - $36.2M
1. Cowboys & Aliens - $36.2M - $36.2M
3. Captain America: The First Avenger - $24.9M - $116.8M
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II - $21.9M - $318.5M
5. Crazy, Stupid, Love. - $19.2M - $19.2M
6. Friends With Benefits - $9.3M - $38.2M
7. Horrible Bosses - $7.1M - $96.2M
8. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - $5.9M - $337.8M
9. Zookeeper - $4.2M - $68.7M
10. Cars 2 - $2.3M - $182M

[In a near unprecedented case of events, both Sony and Universal issued the exact same figure for their new releases, Cowboys & Aliens and The Smurfs. The actual winner will now be decided Monday evening when the 'actuals' are issued. Apologies if this report seems more a mess than usual, it's gone through a vast number of re-writes.]

And so we come to the end of July and the studios are once again playing mix and match, offering three new films and hoping there'll be something for everyone. We've got the second frame for Captain America, which toppled the mighty Harry Potter last frame, and you can bet the boy wizard will be hoping to make up that lost ground this weekend. But the best laid plans....

Sunday, 24 July 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 22nd - 24th July 2011

1. Captain America: The First Avenger - $65.8M - $65.8M
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - $48.1M - $274.2M
3. Friends With Benefits - $18.5M - $18.5M
4. Horrible Bosses - $11.7M - $82.4M
5. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - $12M - $325.8M
6. The Zookeeper - $8.7M - $59.2M
7. Cars 2 - $5.7M - $176.4M
8. Winnie the Pooh - $5.1M - $17.5M
9. Bad Teacher - $2.6M - $94.3M
10. Midnight in Paris - $1.8M - $44.8M

Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby and debuted in his own comic in 1941. It centred on Steve Rogers, a weak young man who finds himself turned into a near perfect human specimen thanks to a serum developed by the US to aid their war efforts. Published by Timely Comics (who would one day become Marvel), the character proved popular during wartime, battling the axis of evil. However, the character's popularity waned post war and apart from the occasional appearance, he remained largely forgotten. It would be 1963 before Captain America returned, in a story alongside The Human Torch - though it would ultimately be revealed that this Captain was a fake and the strip was an experiment to see if fans wanted the character to return. He did return in issue #4 of The Avengers, with his absence explained by having him being frozen in ice since the end of World War 2. Captain America would go on to lead the Avengers and remains popular, as part of that team or in his own side stories, to this day.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 15th - 17th July 2011

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 - $168.5M - $168.5M
2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - $21.2M - $302.8M
3. Horrible Bosses - $17.6M - $60M
4. The Zookeeper - $12.3M - $42.4M
5. Cars 2 - $8.3M - $165.3M
6. Winnie the Pooh - $8M - $8M
7. Bad Teacher - $5.2M - $88.5M
8. Larry Crowne - $2.5M - $31.6M
9. Super 8 - $1.9M - $122.2M
10. Midnight in Paris - $1.8M - $41.7M

NOTE: This box office report is an expanded version from the norm. Should you wish to skip the history of the Harry Potter franchise at the box office, scroll down to the '=======' for the start of the normal report.

So after seven films in ten years, the Harry Potter series comes to a close with the eighth film, The Deathly Hallows Pt 2. It was 1997 when the first book, Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone (Sorcerer's Stone in the U.S) was published. Written by J K Rowling, the series would go on to sell in excess of 450 million books and spawn a whole host of accompanying merchandising, including a theme park.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 8th - 10th July 2011

1. Transformers: Dark of the Moon - $47.0M - $261M
2. Horrible Bosses - $28.1M - $28.1M
3. Zookeeper - $21M - $21M
4. Cars 2 - $15.2M - $148.8M
5. Bad Teacher - $9M - $78.8M
6. Larry Crowne - $6.2M - $26.5M
7. Super 8 - $4.8M - $118M
8. Monte Carlo - $3.8M - $16.1M
9. Green Lantern -$3.1M - $109.7M
10. Mr. Popper's Penguins - $2.8M - $57.7M

If there's an eye of the storm in relation to summer box office, we're in it. We had Dark of the Moon's record breaking opening last frame and next weekend brings the final part of the entire Harry Potter series. With all and sundry due to be crushed by the boy wizard, the studios opted for somewhat low key releases this frame.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 1st - 3rd July 2011

1.     Transformers: Dark of the Moon -    $97.4M - $162.1M
2.     Cars 2 -    $25.1M- $116M
3.     Bad Teacher -    $14.1M - $59.5M
4.     Larry Crowne -    $13M - $13M
5.     Monte Carlo -    $7.6M - $7.6M
6.     Super 8 -    $7.5M - $108M
7.     Green Lantern -    $6.2M - $101.9M
8.     Mr. Popper's Penguins -    $5.1M - $50.1M
9.     Bridesmaids -    $3.5M - $152.8M
10.    Midnight in Paris -    $3.4M - $33.6M

Outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the July 4th weekend is North America's biggest holiday. With a number of people taking Thursday, Friday and Monday off (The actual holiday falls on a Monday this year), there's plenty of opportunity for a cinema visit. The holiday is generally witness to some of the biggest films of the summer, and in some cases, the year. Previous July 4th releases include Dead Man's Chest, Twilight Saga: Eclipse, both Men in Black films, not to mention the two previous Transformer flicks. This weekend is again witness to the return of the Transformers, along with some alternate programming in the guise of Larry Crowne, starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 24th - 26th June 2011

1. Cars 2 - $68M - $68M
2. Bad Teacher - $31M - $31M
3. Green Lantern - $18.4M - $89.3M
4. Super 8 - $12.1M - $95.2M
5. Mr. Popper's Penguins - $10.3M - $39.4M
6. X-Men: First Class - $6.6M - $132.8M
7. The Hangover Part II - $5.8M - $243.9M
8. Bridesmaids - $5.3M - $146.6M
9. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - $4.7M - $229M
10. Midnight In Paris - $4.4M - $28.5M

We're about half way through blockbuster season now, with around a months worth of major releases still to come before we hit the choppy waters of August, noted as being something of a studio dumping ground. Next week marks the return of the Transformers, closely followed by the final part in the Harry Potter series. The rest of July brings us Cowboys & Aliens, Captain America and just inside August, Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Back to this weekend and we have Pixar's Cars sequel sitting alongside the foul-mouthed Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher, plus the second frame for Green Lantern, a film whose opening take was hotly debated well into the week.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 17th - 19th June 2011

1. Green Lantern - $52.7M - $52.7M
2. Super 8 - $21.3M - $72.8M
3. Mr. Popper's Penguins - $18.2M - $18.2M
4. X-Men: First Class - $11.5M - $119.9M
5. The Hangover Part II - $9.6M - $232.6M
6. Kung Fu Panda 2 - $8.7M - $143.3M
7. Bridesmaids - $7.4M - $136.8M
8. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - $6.2M - $220M
9. Midnight In Paris - $5.2M - $21.7M
10. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer - $2.2M - $11.1M

This weekend we have something of an unknown quantity in the guise of Warner Bros. Green Lantern. The film is based on a DC Comics character whose origins stretch back to 1940 when he debuted in an issue of All-American Comics. The character and story were devised by Bill Finger (writer) and Martin Nodell (artist) and is set in a universe policed by Green Lanterns - beings who each possess a ring enabling the user great power over the physical world, providing they have the willpower to wield it. Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern featured but would find himself replaced by Hal Jordan when the comic was revived in 1959. While there have been other Green Lantern related characters since, Jordan has remained a firm favourite well into the 2000s.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

U.S Box Office Report - 10th - 12th June 2011

1. Super 8 - $37M - $38M
2. X-Men: First Class - $25M - $98.9M
3. The Hangover Part II - $18.5M - $216.6M
4. Kung Fu Panda 2 - $16.6M - $126.9M
5. Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides - $10.8M - $208.8M
6. Bridesmaids -  $10.1M - $123.9M
7. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer - $6.2M - $6.2M
8. Midnight in Paris - $6.1M - $14.2M
9. Thor - $2.3M - $173.6M
10. Fast Five - $1.7M - $205.1M

This weekend brings us that rare beast, the original film. Super 8 isn't based on a comic book or novel, isn't a sequel or even a CGI animal based comedy. Instead, Super 8 is a science fiction adventure devised by Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams, who act as producer and director respectively. The film, based in 1979, follows a group of young friends who witness a train crash while attempting to shoot a zombie film. Soon, strange things begin to occur in their town leading them to believe that whatever was on the train, has not only escaped but may not even be human. The film plays up the nostalgia angle pretty strongly, echoing Spielberg's E.T and The Goonies amongst others (Abrams cited John Carpenter's The Thing as a pretty big influence).

U.S Box Office Report - 3rd - 5th June 2011

1. X-Men: First Class - $56M - $56M
2. The Hangover Part II - $32.4M - $186.9M
3. Kung Fu Panda 2 - $24.3M - $100.4M
4. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - $18M - 190.3M
5. Bridesmaids - $12.1M - $107.3M
6. Thor - $4.2M - $169M
7. Fast Five - $3.2M - $202M
8. Midnight in Paris - $2.9M - $6.9M
9. Jumping the Broom - $865K - $35.9M
10. Something Borrowed - $835K - $36.6M

Just a single new release this weekend but again, it's a big one. We've also got the second frames for The Hangover Part 2 and the Kung Fu Panda sequel, while some of May's hits begin to shed locations, readying the way for June's onslaught of major releases.

U.S Box Office Report - 27th - 29th May 2011

1. The Hangover Part II - $85.6M - $118.1M
2. Kung Fu Panda 2 - $48M - $53.8M
3. Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides - $39.3M - $152.9M
4. Bridesmaids - $16.3M - $85M
5. Thor - $9.3M - $159.7M
6. Fast Five - $6.6M - $196M
7. Midnight in Paris - $1.9M - 2.8M
8. Jumping The Broom - $1.9M - $34.1M
9. Something Borrowed - $1.8M - $34.7M
10. Rio -  $1.7M - $134.8M

It's Memorial Day weekend in the US, meaning potentially stronger Sunday and Monday hauls. It's also double sequel weekend, with both new releases aimed squarely at opposite ends of the market.

U.S Box Office Report - 20th - 22nd May 2011

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides -  $90.1M - $90.1M
2. Bridesmaids - $21M - $59.5M
3. Thor - $15.5M - $145.4M
4. Fast Five - $10.6M - $186.2M
5. Rio -  $4.7M - $131.6M
6. Priest - $4.6M - $23.8M
7. Jumping the Broom - $3.4M - $31.3M
8. Something Borrowed - $3.4M - $31.4M
9. Water for Elephants - $2.1M - $52.4M
10. Madea's Big Happy Family - $990K - $51.7M

While this weekend might seem a quiet one given there's just one new release, that release is amongst the biggest of 2011. No other studio wants to put a major title up against the return of Captain Jack Sparrow. Furthermore, Disney seemed intent on getting the film out to as many locations (4,100+), in as many formats as possible (Normal release, Imax, 3D and variations of the three).

U.S Box Office Report - 13th - 15th May 2011

1. Thor -  $34.5M - $119.3M
2. Bridesmaids -  $24.4M - $24.4M
3. Fast Five -  $19.5M - $168.8M
4. Priest -  $14.5M - $14.5M
5. Rio - $8M - $125M
6. Jumping the Broom - $7.3M - $25.9M
7. Something Borrowed -  $7M - $26.6M
8. Water For Elephants -  $4.1M - $48.4M
9. Madea's Big Happy Family - $2.2M - $50.2M
10. Soul Surfer - $1.8M - $39.2M

A somewhat quiet weekend after the box office explosions of Fast Five and Thor in the past fortnight. Hollywood once again go for the two-pronged attack, hoping the audience for one will spill over into the other. Thor's follow up weekend can't be dismissed and neither can Fast Five's third frame. And every release, old and new, is covered by the shadow cast by next weekend's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

U.S Box Office Report - 6th - 8th May 2011

1. Thor - $66M - $66M
2. Fast Five - $32.5M - $139.8M
3. Jumping the Broom - $13.7M - $13.7M
4. Something Borrowed - $13.2M - $13.2M
5. Rio - $8.2M - $114.9M
6. Water For Elephants - $5.6M - $41.6M
7. Madea's Big Happy Family - $3.9M - $46.8M
8. Prom - $2.4M - $7.8M
9. Soul Surfer -  $2.1M - $36.6M
10. Hoodwinked Too: Hood vs Evil - $1.8M - $6.7M

If you listen to some people, the first weekend in May is the start of summer blockbuster season but with a take of over $86M during last weekend, Fast Five put paid to that idea. In the process it's managed to somewhat overshadow this weekend's summer smash hopeful, Thor. In a change to the usual order of things, Thor got released onto the global market before the domestic one, with some places seeing the film as long ago as 21st April.

U.S Box Office Report - 29th April - 1st May 2011

1. Fast Five -  $83.6M - $83.6M
2. Rio - $14.4M - $103.6M
3. Madea's Big Happy Family - $10.1M - $41.1M
4. Water for Elephants - $9.1M - $32.3M
5. Prom - $5M - $5M
6. Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil - $4.1M - $4.1M
7. Soul Surfer - $3.3M - $33.7M
8. Insidious - $2.6M - $48.3M
9. Hop - $2.5M - $105.2M
10. Source Code - $2.5M - $48.9M

This weekend Hollywood breathes a collective sigh of relief as summer blockbuster season finally kicks off. There's been precious little to celebrate in 2011, at least in box office terms, but this weekend marks the first of a number of potential blockbusters making their debut. First out the gate is Fast Five, followed quickly by Thor, Priest and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. But just because Hollywood saw this weekend as the start of blockbuster season, did the general public make it so?

U.S Box Office Report - 22nd - 24th April 2011

1. Rio $26.8M - $81.2M
2. Madea's Big Happy Family $25.8M - $25.8M
3. Water For Elephants $17.5M - $17.5M
4. Hop $12.5M - $100.5M
5. Scream 4 $7.2M - $31.2M
6. African Cats $6.4M - $6.4M
7. Soul Surfer $5.6M - $28.6M
8. Insidious $5.3M - $44.1M
9. Hanna $5.2M - $31.7M
10. Source Code $5M - $44.7M

Well this is it, the calm before the storm. After this weekend we've got nearly four months of potential blockbusters, with barely a quiet weekend between them. First up will be Fast Five followed closely by Thor. This weekend is hardly a dumping ground, though none of the new releases have mainstream appeal.

U.S Box Office Report - 15th - 17th April 2011

1. Rio -  $40M - $40M
2. Scream 4 - $19.3M - $19.3M
3. Hop - $11.1M - $82.6M
4. Soul Surfer - $7.4M - $19.9M
5. Hanna - $7.3M - $23M
6. Arthur - $6.9M - $22.3M
7. Insidious -  $6.8M - $36M
8. Source Code -  $6.3M - $36.9M
9. The Conspirator - $3.6M - $3.6M
10. Your Highness - $3.8M - $10M

Either end of the spectrum is served this weekend with the family friendly Rio and the return of the Ghostface in Scream 4. The box office is really suffering this year with only two films having crossed the $100M barrier (Rango and Just Go With It) so all eyes are on the next film to make the jump from modest hit to blockbuster.

U.S Box Office Report - 8th - 10th April 2011

1. Hop $21.5M - $68M
2. Arthur $12.6M - $12.6M
3. Hanna $12.3M - $12.3M
4. Soul Surfer $11.1M - $11.1M
5. Insidious $9.7M - $27M
6. Your Highness $9.5M - $9.5M
7. Source Code $9M - $28.6M
8. Limitless $5.6M - $64.3M
9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules $4.8M - $45.4M
10. The Lincoln Lawyer $4.5M - $46.3M

[Apologies for any spelling/financial/general errors this weekend (well more than usual), I've got to dash out very soon]

U.S Box Office Report - 1st - 3rd April 2011

1. Hop -  $38.1M - $38.1M
2. Source Code -  $15M - $15M
3. Insidious - $13.4M - 13.4M
4. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules -  $10.2M - $38.4M
5. Limitless - $9.4M - $55.6M
6. The Lincoln Lawyer -  $7M - $39.6M
7. Sucker Punch - $6M - $29.8M
8. Rango -  $4.5M - $113.7M
9. Paul - $4.3M - $31.9M
10. Battle: Los Angeles - $3.5M - $78.4M

We're roughly a month away from the official start of summer blockbuster season and Hollywood can't wait. Film after film has disappointed, some critically, many financially. Our latest victim, Sucker Punch, made little dent during its opening frame and has all but vanished a week later. This weekend we've again got something for everyone...hopefully.

U.S Box Office Report - 25th - 27th March 2011

1. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules - $24.4M - $24.4M
2. Sucker Punch - $19M - $19M
3. Limitless - $15M - $41.3M
4. The Lincoln Lawyer - $11M - $29M
5. Rango - $9.8M - $106.4M
6. Battle: Los Angeles - $7.6M - $72.5M
7. Paul - $7.5M - $24.6M
8. Red Riding Hood - $4.3M - $32.4M
9. The Adjustment Bureau - $4.2M - $54.8M
10. Mars Needs Moms - $2.1M - $19.1M

Looks like blockbuster season is still on hold.....

U.S Box Office Report - 18th - 20th March 2011

1. Limitless - $19M - $19M
2. Rango - $15.3M - $92.6M
3. Battle: Los Angeles - $14.6M - $60.6M
4. The Lincoln Lawyer - $13.2M - $13.2M
5. Paul - $13.4M - $13.4M
6. Red Riding Hood - $7.2M - $25.9M
7. The Adjustment Bureau - $5.9M - $48.7M
8. Mars Needs Moms - $5.3M - $15.4M
9. Beastly - $3.2M - $22.2M
10. Hall Pass - $2.6M - $39.5M

After the mild disappointment (box office-wise) of The A-Team last year, Bradley Cooper returns to screens this weekend in Limitless. It's the story of a slacker who takes an experimental pill which enables him to use 100% of his brain power - helping him to score big on the stock exchange, have endless energy and charm women, amongst other things. When his supply of the pill is threatened, in steps Robert De Niro, who sees an opportunity to use Cooper's new abilities for his own personal gain. This one surprised a few people when it scored a costly Superbowl trailer spot - and the hype built from there. Reviews were above average but with no direct draw for the film (neither Cooper or De Niro would guarantee a must-see crowd) it had its work cut out for it up against Battle:LA, The Lincoln Lawyer and Paul, all of which appeal to a similar demographic.

U.S Box Office Report - 11th - 13th March 2011

1. Battle: Los Angeles - $36M - $36M
2. Rango - $23.1M - $68.7M
3. Red Riding Hood - $14.1M - $14.1M
4. The Adjustment Bureau - $11.5M - $38.5M
5. Mars Needs Moms - $6.8M - $6.8M
6. Hall Pass - $5.1M - $34.9M
7. Beastly - $5M - $16.9M
8. Just Go With It - $4M - 93.9M
9. The King's Speech - $3.6M - $129M
10. Gnomeo and Juliet - $3.5M - $89M

Another three releases this weekend and once again Hollywood hope to provide something for everyone. Two films offer competition to two of last weekend's releases while the other new release hopes to be the first blockbuster of 2011.

U.S Box Office Report - 4th - 6th March 2011

1. Rango - $38.M - $38.M
2. The Adjustment Bureau - $20.9M - $20.9M
3. Beastly - $10.1M - $10.1M
4. Hall Pass - $9M - $27M
5. Gnomeo and Juliet $6.9M - $83.7M
6. Unknown - $6.6M - $53.1M
7. The King's Speech - $6.5M - $123.8M
8. Just Go With It - $6.5M - $88.2M
9. I Am Number Four - $5.7M - $46.4M
10. Never Say Never - $4.3M - $68.8M

Many thanks again to Lord Cookie for taking over the box office report last week. It was much appreciated and made for a very interesting read.

U.S Box Office Report - 25th - 27th February 2011

 Another great report by Lord Cookie, due to Isabelle being born and life getting even more hectic. My thanks to him!

1. ^ Gnomeo and Juliet - $14.2m ($75.1m)
2. NE Hall Pass $13.4m - ($13.4m)
3. V Unknown $12.4m - ($42.8m)
4. V Just Go With It - $11.1m ($79.3m)
5. V I Am Number Four - $11m ($37.7m)
6. -- Justin Bieber: Never Say Never - $9.2m ($62.7m)
7. V The King's Speech $7.6m - ($114.5m)
8. V Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - $7.5m ($28.5m)
9. NE Drive Angry 3D $5.1m - ($5.1m)
10. -- The Roommate $2m - ($35.9m)

Despite being out for three weeks already Gnomeo & Juliet finally reaches the number one slot with $14.2m this weekend, down an impressive 26% from last week. 3D still seems to be a draw for the family market and despite no official production figures there is a good chance it will return a tidy profit with a very respectable $75m in the US already. Rather than a groundswell of positive word-of-mouth the film has profited from a lack of competition as it has the child and family market all to itself. It is far from a runaway smash, currently sitting at 76 in the highest US grossing animated films of all time list, but wisely choosing its release spot has worked well for a film that must have had exceeded its modest ambitions. With Tangled now out of the picture it needed to make a serious dent in the box office as next week the Johnny Depp voiced, Rango, is set for release. With a larger marketing budget and a big star name it is hard to see G&J holding its own against such stiff competition.

U.S Box Office Report - 18th - 20th February 2011

1. Unknown - $21.8M - $21.8M
2. I Am Number Four - $19.5M - $19.5M
3. Gnomeo and Juliet $19.4M - $50.4M
4. Just Go With It - $18.2M - $60.8M
5. Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son - $17M - $17M
6. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never - $13.6 - $48.4M
7. The King's Speech - $6.5M - $103.2M
8.The Roommate - $4.1M - $32.6M
9. The Eagle - $3.0M - $15M
10. No Strings Attached - $3.1M - $66M

Just a quick report this weekend due to a new baby turning up last Thursday.

U.S Box Office Report - 11th - 13th February 2011

1. Just Go With It - $31M - $31M
2. Justin Bieber: Never Say Never - $30.2M - $31M
3. Gnomeo and Juliet - $25.5M - $25.5M
4. The Eagle - $8.6M - $8.6M
5. The Roommate $8.4M - $26M
6. The King's Speech $7.4M - $93.8M
7. No Strings Attached $5.6M - $59.8M
8. Sanctum $5.1M - $17.5M
9. True Grit $3.7M - $160.3M
10. The Green Hornet $3.6M - $92.23M

Not one or two but four new releases were looking for an audience this weekend. After a few lacklustre weekends, a box office showdown was set - Adam Sandler Vs Justin Bieber. Bringing up the rear were the family comedy Gnomeo & Juliet and Channing Tatum's The Eagle.

U.S Box Office Report - 4th - 6th February 2011

1. The Roommate - $15.6M - $15.6M
2. Sanctum - $9.2M - $9.2M
3. No Strings Attached - $8.4M - $51.7M
4. The King's Speech - $8.3M - $84.1M
5. The Green Hornet - $6.1M - $87.2M
6. The Rite - $5.5M - $23.6M
7. The Mechanic - $5.3M - $20M
8. True Grit -  $4.7M - 155M
9. The Dilemma -  $3.4M - $45.7M
10. Black Swan - $3.4M - 95.8M

This is expected to be one of the quietest weekends of the year. Not only is it Superbowl weekend but parts of America are being plagued by snow storms. As if sensing this, Hollywood had chosen to release just two minor films, albeit one of them with some serious backing.

U.S Box Office Report - 28th - 30th January 2011

1. The Rite - $15M - $15M
2. No Strings Attached - $13.7M - $39.7M
3. The Green Hornet -  $11.5M - $78.8M
4. The Mechanic -  $11.5M - $11.1M
5. The King's Speech - $11.1M - $72.2M
6. True Grit - $7.6M - $148.3M
7. The Dilemma - $5.4M - $40.6M
8. Black Swan - $5.1M - $90.7M
9. The Fighter - $4M - $78.3M
10. Yogi Bear - $3.1M - $92.5M

A film with little pre-release hype manages to take the top spot this weekend, seeing off competition in the guise of The Mechanic and last weekend's chart topper, No Strings Attached.

U.S Box Office Report - 21st - 23rd January 2011

1. No Strings Attached - $20.3M - $20.3M
2. The Green Hornet - $18.1M - $63.4M
3. The Dilemma - $9.4M - $33M
4. The King's Speech - $9.2M - $58.6M
5. True Grit - $8M - $138.6M
6. Black Swan - $6.2M - $83.5M
7. The Fighter -  $4.5M - $73M
8. Yogi Bear - $4M - $88.8M
9. Little Fockers -  $3.9M - $140.7M
10. Tron: Legacy - $3.7M - $163.2M

Just one major release making anything of a splash this weekend. No Strings Attached stars Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as two people who decide to have a purely sexual relationship - no commitments, no strings. Complications ensue when they begin to fall for each other but neither wants to admit it. The R-rated romantic comedy also co-stars Kevin Kline and Cary Elwes, and was directed by Ivan Reitman. Reviews were about average, which given how the genre is viewed (and served) these days, isn't that bad. With no direct competition (the similarly themed Love & Other Drugs has come and gone and the near identical Friends with Benefits isn't due until September) the path was open for No Strings Attached to clean up.

U.S Box Office Report - 14th - 16th January 2011

1. The Green Hornet -  $34M - $34M
2. The Dilemma - $17.4M - $17.4M
3. True Grit - $11.2M - $126.4M
4. The King's Speech -  $9.1M - $44.6M
5. Black Swan -  $8.1M - $73M
6. Little Fockers - $7.1M - $134.2M
7. Tron: Legacy - $5.6M - $156.9M
8. Yogi Bear -  $5.3M - $82M
9. The Fighter -  $5.1M - $65.7M
10. Season of the Witch - $4.5M - $17.9M

It's the Martin Luther King holiday in this US on Monday which means Sunday should see similar takings to Saturday. This weekend Sony and Universal are going head to head with their blockbuster-like new releases. One is a long-in-the-making comic book adaptation while the other is a fairly safe comedy, which was expected to comfortably win the weekend....

U.S Box Office Report - 7th - 9th January 2011

1. True Grit - $15M - $110.4M
2. Little Fockers - $13.7M - $124M
3. Season of the Witch - $10.7M - $10.7M
4. Tron: Legacy -  $9.8M - 147.9M
5. Black Swan - $8.3M - $61.5M
6. Country Strong -  $7.3M - $7.4M
7. The Fighter -  $7M - $57.8M
8. The King's Speech - $6.8M - $33.2M
9. Yogi Bear -  $6.8M - $75.6M
10. Tangled - $5.2M - $175.8M

Happy New Year! The holiday season is well out the way so the weekend figures should start to settle down. Each film received a decent boost over the last two frames, facing no new releases until this weekend. True Grit and Little Fockers performed best, but Tron: Legacy and Yogi Bear both saw decent returns too. The second weekend of 2011 brings two releases, one a high profile (but long delayed) Nic Cage flick and the other a country and western themed drama starring Gwyneth Paltrow.

U.S Box Office Report - Dec 31st - Jan 2nd 2011

1. Little Fockers - $26.3M - $103.2M
2. True Grit -  $24.5M -$86.8M
3. TRON: Legacy - $18.3M - $130.9M
4. Yogi Bear - $13M - $66.1M
5. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - $10.5M - $87.1M
6. Tangled - $10M - $168M
7. The Fighter -  $10M - $46.3M
8. Gulliver's Travels - $9.1M - $27.2M
9. Black Swan - $8.4M - $47.3M
10. The King's Speech - $7.6M - $22.8M

Just the numbers this weekend, as the report of the year takes the place of the last normal box office report. The end of year report is still available to read and/or use as a sleep aid.

U.S Box Office Report - End of Year Report 2010

1. Toy Story 3 $415M - $648M - $1.06B
2. Alice in Wonderland $334M - $690M - $1.02B
3. Iron Man 2 $312M - $309M - $621M
4. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse $300M - $392M - $692M
5. Inception $292M - $532M - $825M
6. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 $269M - $558M - $828M
7. Despicable Me $250M - $289M - $539M
8. Shrek Forever After $238M - $501M - $739M
9. How to Train Your Dragon $217M - $277M - $494M
10. The Karate Kid $176M - $182M - $358M

[Key - Chart Position - Title - Domestic Take - International Take - Final Global Take]

U.S Box Office Report - 24th - 26th December 2010

1. The Little Fockers - $34M - $48.3M
2. True Grit - $25.6M - $36.8M
3. Tron Legacy - $20.1M - $88.3M
4. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader - $10.8M - $63.9M
5. Yogi Bear - $8.8M - $M36.7M
6. The Fighter - $8.5MM - $27.5M
7. Gulliver's Travels - $7.2M - $7.2M
8. Black Swan - $6.6M - $29M
9. Tangled - $6.5M - $143.7M
10. The Tourist - $5.7M - $41.2M

Just a short box office report this weekend due to it being Boxing Day (and spending a bit too much time on the year end report)

U.S Box Office Report - 17th - 19th December 2010

1. Tron: Legacy - $43.5M - $43.5M
2. Yogi Bear - $16.7M - $16.7M
3. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - $12.4M - $42.8M
4. The Fighter - $12.2M - $12.6M
5. The Tourist - $8.7M
6. Tangled - $8.6M - $127.8M
7. Black Swan - $8.3M -
8. How Do You Know - $7.6M - $7.6M
9. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - $4.8M - $265.5M
10. Unstoppable - $1.8M - $77.3M

We're now on the busiest shopping weekend of the year and we've got three wide opening movies along with expansion for two limited releases. How's it going to end?

U.S Box Office Report - 10th - 12th December 2010

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader - $24.5M - $24.5M
2. The Tourist - $17M - $17M
3. Tangled - $14.6M - $115.6M
4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - $8.5M - $257.7M
5. Unstoppable - $3.8M - $74.3M
6. Black Swan - $3.3M - $3.3M
7. Burlesque - $3.2M - $32.5M
8. Love and Other Drugs - $3M - $27.6M
9. Due Date - $2.5M - $94.8M
10. Megamind - $2.5M - $140.2M

Approaching Christmas, films not only have to deal with competition from each other but the holiday season itself, but starting this weekend and running until Christmas Day, the studios start playing their big hitters. First up is the third film in the Chronicles of Narnia series, alongside the dream-teaming of Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

U.S Box Office Report - 3rd - 5th December 2010

1. Tangled - $21.5M - $96.5M
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 1 - $16.7M - $244.2M
3. Burlesque - $6.1M - $26.9M
4. Unstoppable - $6.1M - $68.8M
5. Love and Other Drugs - $5.7M - $22.6M
6. Megamind - $5M - $136.7M
7. Due Date - $4.2M - $90.9M
8. Faster - $3.8M - $18.1M
9. The Warrior's Way - $3M - $3M
10. The Next Three Days - $2.6M - $18.3M

The weekend after Thanksgiving is generally one of the quietest of the entire year - meaning even the decent films witness some horrific falls. We've got one minor new release, which is only out to 1600 locations, and one potentially major release opening in a limited capacity.

U.S Box Office Report - 26th - 28th November 2010

1. Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows - $50.3M - $220.4M
2. Tangled - $49.1M - $69M
3. Megamind - $12.9M - $130.5M
4. Burlesque - $11.8M - $17.2M
5. Unstoppable - $11.7M - $60.7M
6. Love & Other Drugs - $9.8M - $14M
7. Faster - $8.7M - $12.2M
8. Due Date - $7.3M - $85M
9. The Next Three Days - $4.8M - $14.5M
10. Morning Glory - $4M - $26.4M

The Thanksgiving holiday generally gives films a few extra 'weekend' days - a weekday when a film will generally perform more like a Friday or a Saturday. This allows the old releases to build on their previous weekends and gives the new releases a head start by opening on Wednesday. This Thanksgiving the studios decided to provide a little something for everyone, while hoping Harry Potter's second weekend wouldn't impact them too much. Furthermore, they know they've essentially got a free pass next weekend thanks to just one new release (and that's only out to 1500 locations).

U.S Box Office Report - 19th - 21st November 2010

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 - $125.1M - $125.1M
2. Megamind -$16.1M - $109.4M
3. Unstoppable - $13.1M - $41.9M
4. Due Date - $9.1M - $72.6M
5. The Next Three Days - $6.7M - 6.7M
6. Morning Glory - $5.2M - $19.8M
7. Skyline - $3.4M - $17.6M
8. Red - $2.46M - $83.6M
9. For Colored Girls - $2.4M - $34.5M
10. Fair Game -$1.4M - $3.7M

After six films spread over nine years, the end is nearing for Harry Potter. With that thought in mind, Warner Bros. chose to split the final book, The Deathly Hallows, into two films, one released this weekend, one to follow in July 2011. The franchise has made over $1.7B just in North America, and that excludes the home/rental market and any other related merchandise, not to mention the equally impressive international take for the series. The studio wisely kept the gap between Deathly Hallows and the previous film, The Half Blood Prince, as short as possible (avoiding the fan outrage witnessed on The Order of the Phoenix when it was delayed by six months).

U.S Box Office Report - 12th - 14th November 2010

1. Megamind - $30M - $89.7M
2. Unstoppable - $23.5M - $23.5M
3. Due Date - $15.5M - $59M
4. Skyline - $11.6M - $11.6M
5. Morning Glory - $9.6M - $12.2M
6. For Colored Girls - $6.7M - $30.9M
7. Red - $5.1M - $79.8M
8. Paranormal Activity 2 - $3M - $82M
9. Saw VII - $2.7M - $43.4M
10. Jackass 3D - $2.3M - $114.7M

Megamind spends a second weekend in the top spot, fighting off competition from three new releases this weekend. Having opened to a solid $46M last weekend, it dropped 36% on a Friday to Friday basis (34% overall) so isn't seeing quite the word of mouth that How To Train Your Dragon was blessed with. While Harry Potter will be a juggernaut next weekend, there'll still be room for Megamind with the non-Potter fans and the slightly younger family audiences. The Will Ferrell/Brad Pitt flick had already scored $20M from the international market by last Thursday and when combined with Megamind's domestic take this weekend, should clear $100M.

U.S Box Office Report - 5th - 7th November 2010

1. Megamind - $47.6M - $47.6M
2. Due Date - $33.5M - $33.5M
3. For Colored Girls - $20.1M - $20.1M
4. Red - $8.9M - $71.9M
5. Saw VII - $8.2M - $38.8M5
6. Paranormal Activity 2 - $7.2M - 77.2M
7. Jackass 3D -  $5M - $110.8M
8. Hereafter - $4M - $28.7M
9. Secretariat - $4M - $50.9M
10. The Social Network - $3.6M - $85M

After a relatively quiet Halloween, Hollywood throws two major releases at screens this weekend, not to mention the latest from Tyler Perry. With the family market being starved for the last month or so (Neither Alpha & Omega and Legend of the Guardians made much of a splash) Dreamworks returns with their third film of the year. Megamind features the voice talent of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Brad Pitt. Ferrell plays the Megamind of the title, an uber-villain who's unsure of his role in the world when he defeats his arch nemesis Metro Man. Could the appearance of a new super villain allow him to switch sides and fight for the powers of good?

U.S Box Office Report - 29th - 31st October 2010

1. Saw 3D - $24.2M - $24.2M
2. Paranormal Activity 2 - $16.5M - $65.7M
3. Red - $10.8M - $58.9M
4. Jackass 3D - $8.4M - $101.6M
5. Hereafter - $6.3M - $22.2M
6. Secretariat - $5M - $44.7M
7. The Social Network - $4.7M - $79.7M
8. Life As We Know It - $4M - $43.4M
9. The Town - $1.9M - $87.6M
10. Conviction - $1.8M - $2.3M

Hard as it is to believe, the Saw franchise is seven years old this year. The first Saw film hit like a whirlwind thanks to some smart viral marketing, scenes of genuine graphic horror and a couple of bigger than expected stars in the guise of Danny Glover and Cary Elwes. That first film launched a hell of a franchise which spawned another six film, at least two video games and even a theme park ride. Thanks to its ultra low budgets, the series has always made money even as its appeal has waned. The best performing of the series was part two, which amassed $88M domestically from a budget of just $4M. While the takings have diminished since, it took Saw VI's $27M finish to highlight just how far the series had fallen (All that said, it still made a global total of $67M from a budget of $11M so....), not to mention the new kid on the block, Paranormal Activity, offering some serious competition.

U.S Box Office Report - 22nd - 24th October 2010

1. Paranormal Activity 2 - $41.5M - $41.5M
2. Jackass 3D - $21.6M - $87.1M
3. Red - $15M - $43.5M
4. Hereafter - $12M - $12M
5. The Social Network - $7.3M - $72.9M
6. Secretariat -  $6.9M - $37.3M
7. Life As We Know It - $6.1M - $37.6M
8. Legend of the Guardians - $3.1M - $50.1M
9. The Town - $2.7M - $84.6M
10. Easy A - $1.7M - $54.7M

The original Paranormal Activity was a lesson in astute marketing and the power of word of mouth. In the film's third weekend, at just 160 locations, it made almost $8M. A week later, thanks to the film's "Demand it in your local theatre" promotional campaign, it expanded to 760 locations and made an amazing $19.6M. The film would go on to stay in theatres until mid-January, finishing with a box office tally of over $107M. Similar success took place worldwide. It came as no surprise when Paramount announced a sequel to be released a year later.

U.S Box Office Report - 15th - 17th October 2010

1. Jackass 3D - $50M - $50M
2. Red - $22.5M - $22.5M
3. The Social Network - $11M - $63.1M
4. Secretariat - $9.5M - $27.5M
5. Life As We Know It - $9.2M - $28.8M
6. Legends of the Guardians - $4.2M - $46M
7. The Town - $4M - $80.5M
8. My Soul to Take - $3.1M - $11.9M
9. Easy A - $2.6M- $52.3M
10. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - $2.3M - $47.8M

It might be four years since the last Jackass movie but audiences were more than ready for the third part this weekend. Having started out as an MTV TV show, Jackass quickly gained notoriety for its dangerous stunts and gross-out sketches. The year the show finished the gang moved onto the big screen with Jackass The Movie. Made for just $5M, the film would gross $21M during its opening weekend and end up making over $60M. Four years later Jackass 2 opened even better and finished up with over $70M. You have to give the Jackass crew and Paramount credit for not milking the franchise every year, Saw-style. The third Jackass was announced last December and would be shot in 3D rather than converted later, the 3D allowing for some truly sickening (and funny) moments. But would the public still be interested?

U.S Box Office Report - 8th - 10th October 2010

1. The Social Network - $15.5M - $46.1M
2. Life As We Know It - $14.6M - $14.6M
3. Secretariat - $12.6M - $12.6M
4. The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - $7M - $39.4M
5. My Soul to Take - $6.9M - $6.9M
6. The Town - $6.3M - $73.7M
7. Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps - $4.6M - $43.6M
8. Easy A - $4.2M - $48.1M
9. Case 39 - $2.6M - $9.6M
10. You Again - $2.4M - $20.7M

After taking the top spot last weekend, The Social Network built heavily on its exceptional word of mouth and managed to see off two strong new releases. Friday saw the film drop 40% from its opening day take, losing the top spot to Life As We Know It in the process. But as the weekend wore on The Social Network stepped up its game and ended up back in the top spot, leaving it down just 31% from last weekend's total. Even with the revised budget figure of $50M, The Social Network should become a very profitable release for Sony Pictures.

U.S Box Office Report - 3rd - 5th October 2010

1. The Social Network - $23M - $23M
2. Legend of the Guardians - $10.9M - $30M
3. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - $10.1M - $35.9M
4. The Town - $10M - $64.3M
5. Easy A - $7M - $42.2M
6. You Again -$5.5M - $16.4M
7. Let Me In - $5.3M - $5.3M
8. Case 39 - $5.3M - $5.3M
9. Devil - $3.6M - $27.3M
10. Alpha & Omega - $3M - $19M

With over 500 million registered users, Facebook is a true global phenomenon. How a website could translate to a movie is a tough call, even for Hollywood. Luckily for all concerned, the story of how Facebook came to exist is full of intrigue and backstabbing, the likes of which studios have been turning out since celluloid was invented. Based on the best selling book "The Accidental Billionaires ", the Aaron Sorkin-scripted 'The Social Network' was directed by David Fincher and stars Jesse Eisenberg as Facebook creator Marc Zuckerberg. The only other big name in the cast is Justin Timberlake as Sean Parker, Napster creator and a guy who played a major role in getting Facebook out there. (Rooney Mara also co-stars, but it's arguable that her next role, as Lisbeth Salander in the English language remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is the one that'll put her on the map).

U.S Box Office Report - 24th - 26th September 2010

1. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - $19M - $19M
2. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole - $16.3M - $16.3M
3. The Town - $16M - $49.1M
4. Easy A - $10.7M - $32.8M
5. You Again - $8.3M - $8.3M
6. Devil - $6.4M - $21.7M
7. Resident Evil: Afterlife - $4.9M - $52M
8. Alpha and Omega - $4.7M - $15.1M
9. Takers - $1.6M - $54.9M
10. Inception - $1.2M - $287M

A follow up to a 1987 hit might reek of desperation but given how the economy has been front and centre of the news for the last 18 months, could there ever be a more apt time for the return of Gordon Gecko? Oliver Stone returns to the directing chair and is joined once again by Michael Douglas, who is supported on screen by Shia LeBeowulf, Carey Mulligan and Josh Brolin. The story picks up as Gecko is released from a long stretch in prison and finds a world that has embraced his 'Greed is good' mantra from the original film. LeBeowulf plays an up and coming speculator who just so happens to be dating Gecko's estranged daughter.

U.S Box Office Report - 17th - 19th September 2010

1. The Town - $23.8M - $23.8M
2. Easy A - $18.2M - $18.2M
3. Devil - $12.6M - $12.6M
4. Resident Evil: Afterlife - $10.1M - $44M
5. Alpha and Omega - $9.2M - $9.2M
6. Takers - $3M - $52.3M
7. The American - $2.7M - $32.8M
8. Inception - $2M - $285.1M
9. The Other Guys - $2M - $115.4M
10. Machete - $1.7M - $24.3M

After an impressive directorial debut with 2007's Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck returns this weekend with The Town, a film he not only directs but helped adapt and takes a starring role in. While Gone Baby Gone's release was a little subdued, The Town comes out with all guns blazing and debuted at over 2,860 locations, the widest release of the weekend. Affleck stars as one of a team of bank robbers, troubled by feelings for a bank manager involved in an earlier heist while planning one last job and being tracked by the FBI.

U.S Box Office Report - 8th - 10th September 2010

1. Resident Evil: Afterlife - $27.7M - $27.7M
2. Takers - $6.1M - $48.1M
3. The American - $5.9M - $28.3M
4. Machete - $4.2M - $20.8M
5. Going the Distance - $3.8M - $14M
6. The Other Guys - $3.6M - $112.6M
7. The Last Exorcism - $3.4M - $38.1M
8. The Expendables - $3.2M - $98.4M
9. Inception - $3M - $282.4M
10. Eat Pray Love - $2.9M - $74.6M

A rarity in today's world - just a single new release. Paul W.S Anderson returns to the Resident Evil franchise to direct the fourth film of the series (in 3D). He directed the first film in the series but only took on producing duties on the second and third ones. Milla Jovovich returns as Alice along with Ali Larter and Wentworth Miller as Chris Redfield. The plot sees Alice attempting to contact survivors and find a safe refuge in a world long over run with the undead. The film wasn't screened for critics, which is par for the course for this kind of film anyway, but internet based reviewers were far from kind. Anderson and Screen Gems have been selling the film heavily on the fact that it was filmed using the same camera system as Avatar.

U.S Box Office Report - 4th - 6th September 2010

1. The American - $12.2M - $16.9M
2. Takers - $11.5M - $37.9M
3. Machete - $11.3M - $11.3M
4. The Last Exorcism - $7.6M - $32.3M
5. Going The Distance - $6.8M - $6.8M
6. The Expendables - $6.7M - $92.3M
7. The Other Guys - $5.4M - $106.8M
8. Eat Pray Love - $4.8M - $68.9M
9. Inception - $4.5M - $277.1M
10. Nanny McPhee Returns - $3.5M - $23.6M

Labour day weekend is generally noted as one of the quietest of the entire cinematic release calendar. Kids are getting ready to return to school, families are getting in one more trip thanks to the long weekend.

U.S Box Office Report - 27th - 29th August 2010

1. The Last Exorcism - $21.3M - $21.3M
2. Takers - $21M - $21M
3. The Expendables - $9.5M - $82M
4. Eat Pray Love - $7M - $60.7M
5. The Other Guys -  $6.6M - $99.3M
6. Vampires Suck - $5.3M - $27.9M
7. Inception - $5.1M - $270.7M
8. Nanny McPhee Returns - $4.7M - $17M
9. The Switch - $4.6M - $16.4M
10. Piranha 3D - $4.3M - $18.2M

A slow weekend can often allow a couple of underdogs to break out and see some decent box office hauls. This weekend brings us two such characters. Neither The Last Exorcism or Takers were expected to set the world on fire and given the rep a late August release date generally carries, no one would have been surprised if both films had sank without a trace.

U.S Box Office Report - 20th - 22nd August 2010

1. The Expendables -  $16.5M -$64.8M
2. Vampires Suck - $12.2M - $18.5M
3. Eat Pray Love - $12M - $47.1M
4. Lottery Ticket - $11.1M - $11.1M
5. The Other Guys - $10.1M - $88.1M
6. Piranha 3D - $10M - $10M
7. Nanny McPhee Returns - $8.3M - $8.3M
8. The Switch - $8.1M - $8.1M
9. Inception - $7.6M - $261.8M
10. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World -  $5M - $20.7M

Just a brief box office report this week, as I'm still recovering from Legoland/Chessington. Apologies for the more than usual haphazard nature of it all.

U.S Box Office Report - 13th - 15th August 2010

1. The Expendables -  $35M - $35M
2. Eat Pray Love - $23.7M - $23.7M
3. The Other Guys - $18M - $70.5M
4. Inception - $11.4M - $248.6M
5. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - $10.5M - $10.5M
6. Despicable Me - $6.7M - $221.9M
7. Step Up 3D - $6.6M - $29.5M
8. Salt - $6.3M - $103.5M
9. Dinner for Schmucks - $6.3M - $58.5M
10. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore - $4M - $35.1M

Something for everyone this weekend, unless you're under ten years old, in which case it's Despicable Me yet again.

U.S Box Office Report - 6th - 8th August 2010

1. The Other Guys - $35.6M - $35.6M
2. Inception - $18.6M - $227.2M
3. Step Up 3D - $15.5M - $15.5M
4. Salt - $11.1M - $92M
5. Dinner For Schmucks - $10.5M - $46.7M
6. Despicable Me - $9.4M - $209.4M
7. Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore - $6.9M - $26.4M
8. Charlie St. Cloud - $4.7M - $23.4M
9. Toy Story 3 - $3M - $396.3M
10. The Kids Are Alright - $2.6M - $14M

Even a year after release, one imagines that Will Ferrell is still smarting over the complete failure of Land of the Lost. While his work doesn't generally win favour with the critics, the public had tended to show up for his movies (Semi-Pro aside), but with the Land of the Lost, the critics hated it and the public went to see The Hangover.

U.S Box Office Report - 30th July - 1st August 2010

1. Inception -  $27.5M - $193.3M
2. Dinner for Schmucks - $23.3M - $23.3M
3. Salt - $19.3M - $70.8M
4. Despicable Me - $15.5M - $190.3M
5. Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore - $12.5M - $12.5M
6. Charlie St. Cloud - $12.1M - $12.1M
7. Toy Story 3 - $5M - $389.6M
8. Grown Ups - $4.5M - $150.7M
9. Sorcerer's Apprentice - $4.3M - $51.1M
10. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - $3.9M - $288.2M

With three new releases this weekend, could Inception keep the top spot one more time? Not many films manage three weeks at the top spot but the strength of Inception's word of mouth combined with its repeat business meant not even the broad comedy Dinner for Schmucks or the family friendly Cats & Dogs sequel got a look in come Sunday night.

U.S Box Office Report - 23rd - 25th July 2010

1. Inception - $43.5M - $143.7M
2. Salt - $37M - $37M
3. Despicable Me - $24.1M - $161.7M
4. The Sorcerer's Apprentice - $9.7M - $42.6M
5. Toy Story 3 - $9M - $379.5M
6. Ramona and Beezus - $8M - $8M
7. Grown Ups - $7.6M - $142.4M
8. The Twlight Sage: Eclipse - $7.2M - $280M
9. The Last Airbender - $4.1M - $123.2M
10. Predators - $2.8M - $46.5M

Only one major release this weekend but it's a big one.

U.S Box Office Report - 16th - 18th July 2010

1. Inception - $60.4M - $60.4M
2. Despicable Me - $32.7M - $118.4M
3. The Sorcerer's Apprentice-  $17.4M - $24.5M
4. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - $13.5M - $264.9M
5. Toy Story 3 - $11.7M - $362.7M
6. Grown Ups - $10M - $129.2M
7. The Last Airbender - $7.4M - $114.8M
8. Predators - $6.8M - $40M
9. Knight and Day - $3.7M - $69.2M
10. The Karate Kid - $2.2M - $169.2

With summer moving on, potential blockbusters will soon start to look thin on the ground. Thankfully we're still a month away from mid-August movie hell and this week we get that rare breed in the guise of Inception, a wholly original film.

U.S Box Office Report - 9th - 11th July 2010

1. Despicable Me - $60.1M - $60.1M
2. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - $33.4M - $237M
3. Predators - $25.3M - $25.3M
4. Toy Story 3 - $22M - $340.2M
5. The Last Airbender - $17.2M - $100.1M
6. Grown Ups - $16.4M - $111.3M
7. Knight and Day - $7.8M - $61.9M
8. The Karate Kid - $5.7M - $164.6M
9. The A-Team - $1.8M - $73.9M
10. Cyrus - $1.37M - $3.5M

A huge July 4th holiday led us on to what should have been a relatively event free follow up weekend. Two new releases greeted cinema-goers on Friday, covering either end of the demographic spectrum - the family market and the young males in the 16-25 range. Going into the weekend Predators was expected to see a win, if not a comfortable second behind Twilight: Eclipse. By Friday night, it was quickly evident that while Predators wouldn't finish in the top spot, neither would Eclipse.

U.S Box Office Report - 2nd - 4th July 2010

1. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse - $69M - $161M
2. The Last Airbender - $40.7M - $58M
3. Toy Story 3 - $30.2M - $289M
4. Grown Ups - $18.5M - $77.1M
5. Knight & Day - $10.2M - $45.5M
6. The Karate Kid - $8M - $151.5M
7. The A-Team - $3M - $69.1M
8. Get Him To Greek - $1.1M - $57.4M
9. Shrek Forever After - $799K - $232.1M
10. Cyrus - $770K - $1.4M

Independence Day weekend is upon us. One of our two new films was taking no chances when it came to weekend attendances being affected by the holiday - it got released at Midnight on Tuesday night. The other film faced scathing reviews and a budget north of $130M to recoup. Add in a still dangerously strong Toy Story 3 and the weekend was set for one hell of a showdown.

U.S Box Office Report - 25th - 27th June 2010

1. Toy Story 3 - $59M - $226.6M
2. Grown Ups - $41M - $41M
3. Kinght & Day - $20.5M - $27.8M
4. The Karate Kid - $15.4M - $135.6M
5. The A-Team - $6M - $62.8M
6. Get Him To The Greek $3M - $54.4M
7. Shrek Forever After - $2.87M - $229.3M
8. Prince of Persia - $2.8M - $86.1M
9. Killers - $2M - $44M
10. Jonah Hex- $1.6M - $9.1M

After a strong start last weekend, Toy Story 3 built on its $110M during the week-days, helped in some part by US schools finishing for Summer on Wednesday. With those impressive day to day figures, it was inevitable the film would see $200M this weekend (incidentally its production budget). The two new releases may have had some slight impact, as did the inevitable front loading, which saw the film down 56% on a Friday to Friday basis (46% for the weekend as a whole, which again, naysayers are deeming as very disappointing), but word of mouth is incredibly strong and like Up, the film will dig in deep and almost certainly remain in the top ten for the next seven to eight weeks. Only Despicable Me will offer any family competition in the coming weeks. At this point the film is on track to be the biggest of 2010.

U.S Box Office Report - 18th - 20th June 2010

1. Toy Story 3 - $109M - $109M
2. The Karate Kid - $29M - $106.3M
3. The A-Team - $13.8M - $47.9M
4. Get Him to the Greek - $6.1M - $47.9M
5. Shrek Forever After - $5.5M - $223M
6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - $5.2M - $80.5M
7. Killers - $5.1M - $39.3M
8. Jonah Hex - $5.1M - $5.1M
9. Iron Man 2 - $2.6M - $304.7M
10. Marmaduke - $2.6M - $27.8M

After Karate Kid managed to break out last weekend, Hollywood needed a big hitter to keep the momentum going. They don't come much bigger than Pixar and Toy Story 3. The Pixar sequel (their only sequelled film until Cars 2 next year) had something of a patchy trip to theatres that could easily fill up a couple of pages. Suffice to say, when Disney bought Pixar from Apple back in 2006, part of the deal was that Disney would cease production on the second Toy Story sequel and hand the rights back to Lassetter and Co, to do with as they wished.

U.S Box Office Report - 11th - 13th June 2010

1. The Karate Kid - $56M - $56M
2. The A-Team - $26M - $26M
3. Shrek Forever After - $15.8M - $210M
4. Get Him to the Greek - $10M - $36.5M
5. Killers - $8.1M - $30.6M
6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - $6.5M - $72.3M
7. Marmaduke - $6M - $22.2M
8. Sex and the City 2 - $5.5M - $84.7M
9. Iron Man 2 - $4.5M - $299.3M
10. Splice - $2.8M - $13M

About now, a break out hit wouldn't do this disappointing summer any harm at all and it may have just arrived. Two 80s throwbacks on the same weekend, one a remake and the other an updating of a TV show. At the start of the week most box office sites had The A-Team comfortably triumphing over The Karate Kid. By Friday evening we began to see just how wrong they were.

U.S Box Office Report - 4th - 6th June 2010

1. Shrek Forever After - $25.3M - $183M
2. Get Him to the Greek - $17.4M - $17.4M
3. Killers - $16.1M - $16.1M
4. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - $13.9M - $59.5M
5. Sex and the City 2 - $12.7M - $73.4M
6. Marmaduke - $11.3M - $11.3M
7. Iron Man 2 - $7.7M - $291.2M
8. Splice - $7.4M - $7.4M
9. Robin Hood -  $5.1M - $94.2M
10. Letters to Juliet - $3M - $43.3M

One thing is for sure going into the first weekend of June - this summer isn't going to plan. Takings from May 2010 are down a worrying 30% on the same time last year and this first weekend in June is down. While Shrek appears to be recovering it has still underperformed. Robin Hood faltered, especially in North America and even Iron Man 2, which got off to a very solid start, is looking unlikely to surpass the figure made by the first film. It's not looking to improve any time soon either.

U.S Box Office Report - 28th - 30th May 2010

1. Shrek Forever After - $43M - $133M
2. Sex and the City 2 - $32.1M - $46.3M
3. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time - $30.1M - $30.1M
4. Iron Man 2 - $16M - $274.6M
5. Robin Hood - $10.3M - $83M
6. Letters To Juliet - $5.9M - $36.6M
7. Just Wright - $2.2M - $18.1M
8. Date Night - $1.7M - $93.4M
9. MacGruber - $1.4M - $7.1M
10. How To Train Your Dragon - $1M - $212.5M

Memorial Day weekend in the US should mean a stronger Sunday for most movies. After a disappointing start last weekend (off more than $50M from the third entry in the series), Shrek Forever After recovers somewhat, finishing the weekend down 38%. The film crossed the $100M mark on Friday and will only face minor competition in the guise of Marmaduke next weekend (not to mention three other releases). This certainly won't lose Dreamworks any money, especially once the film hits the global market but it's unlikely to be a half a billion dollar finisher. Shrek needs to act fast too because Toy Story 3 isn't too far away and it'll not only take it a chunk of Shrek's business but a good percentage of its 3D screens too. By this point, Shrek The Third had made $203M, on its way to a $320M finish.

U.S Box Office Report - 21st - 23rd May 2010

1. Shrek Forever After - $71.2M - $71.2M
2. Iron Man 2 - $26.6M - $251.2M
3. Robin Hood - $18.7M - $66.1M
4. Letters to Juliet - $9.1M - $27.4M
5. Just Wright - $4.2M - $14.6M
6. MacGruber - $4.1M - $4.1M
7. Date Night - $2.8M - $90.6M
8. A Nightmare on Elm Street - $2.2M - $59.9M
9. How to Train Your Dragon - $1.8M - $210.9M
10. Kites -$1M - $1M

Just an abridged report this weekend as we've got house guests. Shrek Forever After may have won the weekend with $71M but it's far cry from the $121M made by the abysmal third movie during it's first weekend - and that wasn't even in 3D like this new one is. Furthermore, Shrek is out at a record 4,359 locations, the widest ever for a PG rated movie. It's odd box office in that the film has made $71M but may well be looked upon as being quite disappointing. It had next to no competition given that How To Train Your Dragon is a couple of months old, leaving the family market fairly starved of entertainment. Next weekend's drop will determine where the film will go from here - but you can imagine Paramount/Dreamworks were hoping for closer to $100M.

U.S Box Office Report - 14th - 16th May 2010

1. Iron Man 2 - $53M - $212.2M
2. Robin Hood - $37.1M - $37.1M
3. Letters to Juliet - $13.8M - $13.8M
4. Just Wright - $8.5M - $8.5M
5. How to Train Your Dragon - $5.1M - $207.7M
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street - $4.7M - $56.1M
7. Date Night -$4M - $86.7M
8. The Back-Up Plan - $2.4M - $34.2M
9. Furry Vengeance - $2.3M - $15.1M
10. Clash of the Titans - $1.2M - $160.1M

After a strong start last Friday, Iron Man 2 is down a not unexpected 65% on a Friday to Friday basis, though recovered somewhat over the rest of the weekend to finish down 59% on last weekend's impressive opening. On only its tenth day of release Iron Man 2 crossed the $200M mark, effectively recouping its production costs from just its domestic tally. Elsewhere the film is performing equally well, with its international take just about exceeding the domestic. Robin Hood looks to have given the film a bit of trouble on Friday but as the weekend wore on, Iron Man increased the gap. Next weekend it'll face off against Shrek Forever After, which won't affect the film directly, but will none the less have some impact. Iron Man 2's biggest problem (if it has one) is that another couple of weeks and anyone who wanted to see the film (or wanted to see it again) would have done so, but by that point it'll be a half a billion dollar concern - no worry at all for Paramount.

U.S Box Office Report - 7th - 9th May 2010

1. Iron Man 2 - $133.6M - $133.6M
2. A Nightmare on Elm Street -  $9.2M - $48.5
3. How to Train Your Dragon - $6.8M - $201.1M
4. Date Night - $5.3M - $80.9M
5. The Back-Up Plan - $4.3M - $29.4M
6. Furry Vengeance - $4M - $11.6M
7. Clash of the Titans - $2.3M - $157.8M
8. Death at a Funeral - $2.1M - $38.3M
9. The Losers - $1.8 - $21.4M
10. Babies - $1.5M - $1.5M

Welcome to Summer Blockbuster Season 2010! While we don't kick off with any major records falling, Iron Man 2 made a hell of a splash. For the next twelve or so weeks we'll be seeing at least one major release on every weekend, sometimes more.

U.S Box Office Report - th April - 2nd May April 2010

1. Nightmare on Elm Street - $32.2M - $32.2M
2. How To Train Your Dragon - $10.8M - $192.4M
3. Date Night - $7.6M - $73.6M
4. The Back-Up Plan - $7.2M - $23M
5. Furry Vengeance - $6.5M - $6.5M
6. The Losers Friday - $6M - $18.1M
7. Clash Of The Titans Friday - $5.6M - $154M
8. Kick-Ass Friday - $4.4M - $42.1M
9. Death At A Funeral Friday - $4M - $34.7M
10. Oceans- $2.6M - $13.5M

We're now just a week away from the Summer blockbuster season. From next weekend we'll see huge openings and records smashed, but for now we'll have to settle for the reboot of one of the most successful franchises in [horror] history. The Nightmare on Elm St series kicked off way back in 1984 and became something of a hit. Many sequels followed, along with a TV series and a crossover with the Friday The 13th series back in 2003 in the guise of Freddy Vs Jason (the most successful entry in the series to date).

U.S Box Office Report - 23rd - 25th April 2010

1. How To Train Your Dragon Friday - $15M - $178M
2. The Back-Up Plan - $12.3M - $12.3M
3. Date Night Friday - $10.6M - $63.5M
4. The Losers - $9.6M - $9.6M
5. Kick-Ass - $9.5M - $34.9M
6. Clash Of The Titans - $9M - $145.6M
7. Death At A Funeral - $8M - $$28.4M
8. Oceans -- $6M - $8.5M
9. The Last Song - $3.7M - $55.4M
10. Alice In Wonderland - $2.2M - $327.5M

This weekend marks the calm before the storm. Next weekend sees the return of a major horror franchise and the weekend after is Iron Man 2. But this weekend, we get a returning star hoping for a second chance and another comic book adaptation.

U.S Box Office Report - 16th - 18th April 2010

1. How to Train Your Dragon - $20M - $158.6M
2. Kick-Ass - $19.7M - $19.7M
3. Date Night - $17.3M - $49.2M
4. Death at a Funeral - $17M - $17M
5. Clash of the Titans - $15.7M - $132.9M
6. The Last Song - $5.8M - $50M
7. Why Did I Get Married Too? - $4.1M - $54.8M
8. Hot Tub Time Machine - $3.55M - $42.5M
9. Alice in Wonderland - $3.5M - $324M
10. The Bounty Hunter - $3.2M - $60.3M

Two new releases this weekend and one major upset.

U.S Box Office Report - 9th - 11th April 2010

1. Date Night - $27.1M - $27.1M
2. Clash of the Titans - $26.9M - $110M
3. How to Train Your Dragon - $25.3M - $133M
4. Why Did I Get Married Too? - $11M - $48.5M
5. The Last Song - $10M - $42.4M
6. Alice in Wonderland - $5.6M - $319.3M
7. Hot Tub Time Machine - $5.4M - $36.9M
8. The Bounty Hunter - $4.3M - $56M
9. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - $4.1M - $53.7M
10. Letters To God - $1.25M - $1.25M

We're now approaching the calm before the storm. Iron Man 2 opens in just a few short weeks and this weekend sees just one wide new release. A couple of returning movies face off against it in one of the closest challenges for the top spot in recent months. Any of the top three could be subject to a position change once actuals are released on Monday.

U.S Box Office Report - 2nd - 4th April 2010

1. Clash of the Titans - $64.1M - $64.1M
2. Why Did I Get Married Too - $30.2M - $30.2M
3. How to Train Your Dragon - $29.2M - $92.3M
4. The Last Song - $16.2M - $25.6M
5. Alice in Wonderland - $8.3M - $309.8M
6. Hot Tub Time Machine - $8M - $27.8M
7. The Bounty Hunter - $6.2M - $48.9M
8. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - $5.5M - $46.2M
9. She's Out Of My League - $1.4M - $28.6M
10. Shutter Island - $1.4M - $123.4M

Another weekend and another new 3D film hits screens. A quick look down the location counts shows that Alice in Wonderland gave up 400+ of its 3D enabled screens to make way for Clash of the Titans. Titans is at 3,777 locations and you can bet as many as possible are 3D enabled. The good news for all films is that there's just one new release next weekend, giving them some breathing room.

U.S Box Office Report - 26th - 28th March 2010

1. How to Train Your Dragon - $43.3M - $43.3M
2. Alice in Wonderland - $17.3M - $293.1M
3. Hot Tub Time Machine - $13.7M - $13.7M
4. The Bounty Hunter - $12.4M - $38.8M
5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - $10M - $35.8M
6. She's Out of My League - $3.5M - $25.6M
7. Green Zone - $3.3M - $30.4M
8. Shutter Island - $3.1M - $120.6M
9. Repo Men - $3M - $11.3M
10. Our Family Wedding - $2.2M - $16.7M

It's March so it must be time for Dreamworks pre-summer release. Last year's Monsters Vs Aliens disappointed domestically but would go on to amass over $380M in total tickets sales (which was still not enough to green light a sequel). This year's March release is How To Train Your Dragon, a tale of a Viking who has no enthusiasm for the annual dragon hunts, instead wanting to train them, much to the anger and disappointment of his clan and father respectively. Early artwork did not impress, nor to the lacklustre trailers, but reviews knocked the film out of the park, with it currently sitting on an astonishing, Pixar-like, 97% at Rotten Tomatoes. If nothing else, it's the best reviewed Dreamworks film in existence. With Alice in Wonderland entering its fourth weekend and Diary of a Wimpy Kid attracting a slightly older audience, the weekend was set for Dragon to clean up.

U.S Box Office Report - 19th - 21st March 2010

1. Alice in Wonderland - $34.5M - $265.8M
2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - $21.8M - $21.8M
3. The Bounty Hunter - $21M - $21M
4. Repo Men - $6.2M - $6.2M
5. Green Zone - $5.96M - $24.7M
6. She's Out of My League - $5.9M - $19.9M
7. Shutter Island - $4.8M - $115.7M
8. Avatar - $4.0 - $736.8M
9. Our Family Wedding - $3.8M - $13.6M
10. Remember Me - $3.2M - $13.9M

Alice in Wonderland retains the top spot, finishing the weekend down 45% on last weekend's total. At this point, Alice is in a solid position, having recouped its production budget just from its domestic tally but from next weekend it'll lose some of those lucrative 3D screens to How To Train Your Dragon. Internationally the film is performing just as well and we're almost certainly looking at the first $500M movie of 2010. With Clash of the Titans 3D opening just a week later, Alice should be thankful for its amazing start and solid holds because it's unlikely to command much 3D screen space after the next fortnight.

U.S Box Office Report - 12th - 14th March 2010

1. Alice in Wonderland - $62M - $208.6M
2. Green Zone - $14.5M - $14.5M
3. She's Out of My League - $9.6M - $9.6M
4. Remember Me - $8.2M - $8.2M
5. Shutter Island - $8.1M - $108M
6. Our Family Wedding - $7.6M - $7.6M
7. Avatar - $6.6M - $730.3M
8. Brooklyn's Finest - $4.2M - $21.3M
9. Cop Out - $4.2M - $39.4M
10. The Crazies - $3.6M - $33.3M

After a record breaking start last weekend (including seeing off a serious Oscar related drop), Alice in Wonderland experienced a 58% drop in takings on a Friday to Friday basis. Perhaps a little high but then Alice opened above and beyond expectations so large front loading was expected - recovery occurred Saturday leaving the film down 47% on last weekend. Even against four new films, Alice had little to no problem retaining the top spot and crossed $200M domestically sometime Sunday. When you add in the fact that the film will have a total global box office of over $350M by tonight, the larger than expected drop doesn't seem too much to worry about. But unlike Avatar, Alice In Wonderland's domination of 3D screens won't last long, it's due to lose a large number of them to Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon in just two weeks time. This strong second frame should be repeated next weekend as no major release has the same kind of family appeal (Diary of a Wimpy Kid is unlikely to pull viewers away from Alice in any large numbers) and sets the film on the right track to potentially be the first $300M film of 2010.

U.S Box Office Report - 5th - 7th March 2010

1. Alice in Wonderland $116.3M - $116.3M
2. Brooklyn's Finest $13.5M - $13.5M
3. Shutter Island $13M - $95.8M
4. Cop Out $9.1M - $32.3M
5. Avatar $7.7M - $720.1M
6. The Crazies $7M - $27.4M
7. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief $5.1M - $78M
8. Valentine's Day $4.2M - $106.4M
9. Crazy Heart $3.3M - $29.5M
10. Dear John $2.8M - $76.6M

Will the Academy Awards impact on Sunday's box office? Undoubtedly, yet it still managed to turn into a record breaking weekend for one film.

U.S Box Office Report - 26th - 28th February 2010

1. Shutter Island $22.2M - $75.1M
2. Cop Out $18.5M - $18.5M
3. The Crazies $16.5M - $16.5M
4. Avatar $14M - $706.9M
5. Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief $9.8M - $71.2M
6. Valentine's Day $9.8M - $71.2M
7. Dear John $5M - $72.6M
8. The Wolfman $4.1M - $57.2M
9. Tooth Fairy $3.4M - $53.8M
10. Crazy Heart $2.5M - $25M

A week before the Academy awards and the studios have pitted two R-rated movies against Shutter Island, but Martin Scorcese's latest pictures remains in the top spot, down 51% on a Friday to Friday time frame and 45% for the weekend overall. Reviews were above average for the film but solid word of mouth has helped it see off both Cop Out and The Crazies. At this stage in the film's release it's too early to guess were it'll end up finishing but another solid hold next weekend should at least guarantee a finish north of $100M. Made for $80M, Shutter Island was ruled out of Oscar contention after Paramount chose to move the film from an October release to February, the reasoning for this was a need to cut advertising costs in the fourth quarter of 2009. This delay doesn't appear to have harmed the film in any great way.

U.S Box Office Report - 19th - 21st February 2010

1. Shutter Island - $40.2M - $40.2M
2. Valentine's Day - $17.2M - $87.4M
3. Avatar - $16.1M - $687.8M
4. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief - $15.3M - $58.8M
5. The Wolfman - $9.8M - $50.3M
6. Dear John - $7.3M - $65.9M
7. Tooth Fairy - $4.5M - $49.8M
8. Crazy Heart - $3M - $21.5M
9. From Paris With Love - $2.5M - $21.2M
10. Edge of Darkness - $2.2M - $40.3M

Just one major new release weekend, something of a rarity in this day and age. Martin Scorcese returns with Shutter Island, an adaptation of a Dennis Lehane book and starring Leonardo Di Caprio, making his fourth outing with the director. The film is the tale of two US marshals investigating the disappearance of mental patient from the titular island, where nothing is quite what it seems. The film had actually been set for an October 2009 release but was pushed back until this week due to Paramount requiring an early spring tent pole.

U.S Box Office Report - 12th - 14th February 2010

1. Valentine's Day - $52.4M - $52.4M
2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief -  $31.1M - $31.1M
3. The Wolfman - $30.6M - $30.6M
4. Avatar - $22M - $659.6M
5. Dear John - $15.3M - $53.2M
6. The Tooth Fairy - $5.6M - $41.5M
7. From Paris With Love - $4.7M - $15.8M
8. Edge of Darkness - $4.5M - $36M
9. Crazy Heart - $4M - $16.5M
10. The Book Of Eli - $3.2M - $87.2M

A big weekend, with Valentine's Day falling on Sunday and President's Day falling on Monday meaning that day's take will be more like a Saturday than a normal weekday. Three vastly different films fight for attention this weekend, along side the returning Dear John and a still dangerous Avatar. The huge ensemble comedy Valentine's Day takes the top spot with a stunning $52M three day opening. 'Day' stars a wealth of big name talent (Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba and many, many more) in a sort of Love Actually knock off, set over the course of the titular day.

U.S Box Office Report - 5th - 7th February 2010

1. Dear John - $32.4M - $32.4M
2. Avatar - $23.6M - $630.1M
3. From Paris With Love - $8.1M - 8.1M
4. Edge of Darkness - $7M - $29.1M
5. Tooth Fairy - $6.3M - 34.3M
6. When in Rome - $5.5M - $20.8M
7. The Book of Eli - $4.8M - $82.1M
8. Crazy Heart - $3.7M - $11.1M
9. Legion - $3.4M - $34.6M
10. Sherlock Holmes - $2.6M - $201.5M

After seven weeks at the top spot, Avatar is finally de-throned by the romantic drama, Dear John, which until this weekend was largely unheard of. It'll now go down in history similarly to Lost in Space, which was the film that displaced Titanic back in 1997. The film is an adaptation of the Nicholas (The Notebook, Night in Rodanthe) Sparks book of the same name and stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried as a soldier on leave and a conservative student respectively, who strike up a romance during a house construction. The romance blossoms via letter once John has returned to serve out his time with the forces but is put to the test when he re-enlists in the army after the 9/11 attacks. After the non-starters that were Leap Year and When In Rome, the female demographic turned out in force for this one, bringing their boyfriends and husbands with them.

U.S Box Office Report - 29th - 31st January 2010

1. Avatar - $30M - $594.5M
2. Edge of Darkness -  $17.1 - $17.1M
3. When in Rome - $12.1 - $12.1M
4. Tooth Fairy - $10M - $26.1M
5. The Book of Eli - $8.8M - $74.4M
6. Legion - $6.8M - $17.5M
7. The Lovely Bones - $4.7M - 38M
8. Sherlock Holmes - $5M - $197.5M
9. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel - $3.9M - $209.2M
10. It's Complicated - $3.7M - $104M

Another weekend, another Avatar win. Earlier in the week the film sailed past Titanic to become the biggest international film ever and has just one major achievable record left to smash, that of the biggest domestic hit. That record still stands with Titanic and $600M but by Tuesday, and with a good wind, Avatar should even have that one under its belt. It's smashed the seven weekend record as well (though may struggle with the eighth as Titanic saw a marked increase in its eighth weekend due to Valentine's Day) and even this weekend, up against another major release, it finds itself down just 14% on its last frame. The only question remaining is where the film will end up. Some predict $700M/$2.4B while other analysts put the film well over $750M domestically. And Avatar still has another month before Alice in Wonderland hits its 3D-enabled screen count. Next weekend's releases may still not be enough to usurp Avatar, but fifteen straight weekends at number one (like Titanic) may be one record too many.

U.S Box Office Report - 22nd - 24th January 2010

1. Avatar -  $36M - $552.8M
2. Legion - $18.8M - $18.8M
3. The Book of Eli - $14.2M - $62M
4. The Tooth Fairy - $14.5M - $14.5M
5. The Lovely Bones - $8.8M - $31.6M
6. Sherlock Holmes - $7.1M - $191.5M
7. Extraordinary Measures - $7M - $7M
8. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel - $6.7M - $204.2M
9. It's Complicated - $6.1M - $98.6M
10. The Spy Next Door - $4.7M - $18.6M

Avatar faces off against three new films and remains triumphant yet again. There's little left to be said at this stage, we're simply waiting for it to overtake Titanic's $600M/$1.8B and become the biggest film in box office history. It's Friday take was down just 20% on the same time last week, which is in itself impressive, more so when you consider it was a holiday weekend leading to slightly inflated numbers. Lest we forget, this is also a film in its sixth weekend - and in recent memory only Titanic has stayed in the top spot for more consecutive weekends (it managed a stunning fifteen). Saturday saw Avatar surpass The Dark Knight's $533M so from here on out, only Titanic matters (it almost goes without saying that the film's sixth weekend take is the biggest of any sixth weekend).

U.S Box Office Report - 15th - 17th January 2010

1. Avatar - $41M - $491.8M
2. The Book of Eli - $31.6 - $31.6M
3. The Lovely Bones - $17M - $17.5M
4. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel - $11.5M - $192.5M
5. Sherlock Holmes - $9.8M - $180M
6. The Spy Next Door - $9.7M - $9.7M
7. It's Complicated - $7.6M - $88.2M
8. Leap Year - $5.8 - $17.5M
9. The Blind Side - $5.7 - $226.7M
10. Up In the Air - $5.4M - $62.8M

The Martin Luther King holiday means a bonus day for all releases this weekend, with Monday's takes being similar to those usually associated with a Saturday. Avatar faced its first serious competition since Sherlock Holmes this weekend, in the guise of The Book of Eli. Could Avatar finally be displaced?

U.S Box Office Report - 8th - 10th January 2010

1. Avatar - $48.5M - $429M
2. Sherlock Holmes - $16.6M - $165.2M
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel - $16.3M - $178.2M
4. Daybreakers - $15M - $15M
5. It's Complicated - $11M - $76.3M
6. Leap Year - $9.2M - $9.2M
7. The Blind Side - $7.7M - $219M
8. Up in the Air - $7.1M - $54.7M
9. Youth in Revolt - $7M - $7M
10. Princess and the Frog - $4.7M - $92.6M

This is the first non-holiday weekend Avatar has faced and while it's down higher than on previous weekends, its fourth weekend total is still the biggest ever fourth weekend haul. It took the record from Titanic which scored $36M on its fourth weekend on general release. Non-holiday weekend aside, the film dropped just 29% from the last frame, which is a stunning figure on any weekend, let alone a film's fourth. Avatar crossed the $400M mark on Saturday and became the biggest film released in 2009 in just over 21 days. Even the increased competition barely registered, word of mouth is still white hot and 3D screenings continue to be sold out. Furthermore the film has been smashing Imax records left, right and centre.

U.S Box Office Report - 1st - 3rd January 2010

1. Avatar - $68.3M - $352.1M
2. Sherlock Holmes - $38.4M - $140.7M
3. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel - $36.3M - $157.3M
4. It's Complicated - $18.7M - $59.1M
5. The Blind Side - $12.6M - $209M
6. Up in the Air - $11.3M - $45M
7. The Princess and the Frog - $10M - $86M
8. Did You Hear About the Morgans? - $5.2M - $25.6M
9. Nine - $4.2M - $14M
10. Invictus - $4.1M - $30.7M

Just a short highlights report this weekend, the Box office report of the year that was posted midweek generally replaces the final one of the year. Avatar continues to dominate all over the world. This, its third weekend on general release is also the biggest 'third' weekend take in box office history, even the Dark Knight could only manage $42M. Obviously the film benefited from New Year's Day falling on a Friday but even that doesn't explain the boost over the rest of the weekend - though surely a good portion can be accredited to the fantastic word of mouth, repeat viewing and the fact that the film appears to be appealing to all demographics. Even the might Box Office Prophets are struggling to predict how the film will perform.