Sunday, 19 October 2014

80 From the 80s - Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon

He’ll Save Every One of Us!

Studio: Universal Release Date: 5th December 1980
Director: Mike Hodges Starring: Sam Jones, Melody Anderson
Budget: $27M 2015 Equivalent: $82M
U.S Box Office: $27.1M 2015 Equivalent: $82.3M

The origins of Flash Gordon stretch back to the early 1930s. Created by Alex Raymond, the character first appeared in comic strip form on January 7th 1934 and was both inspired by, and in direct competition with, Buck Rogers.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

80 From the 80s - Krull


‘A world light-years beyond your imagination’

Studio: Columbia Pictures Release Date: 29th July 1983
Director: Peter Yates Starring: Kenneth Marshall, Lysette Anthony
Budget: $26M 2015 Equivalent: $62M
U.S Box Office: $16.5M 2015 Equivalent: $39.3M

Despite being one of the most expensive movies of the time, Krull is seemingly forgotten amongst the releases of the early 1980s. Taking its primary influence from Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, it sought to score box office gold in the late summer of 1983. With Return of the Jedi starting to look a little long in the tooth, Krull staked its claim to be the next fantasy epic.  

80 From the 80s - A New Project Announced

Welcome to the first chapter in a new project – 80 From The 80s. The idea is to take 80 movies released in the 1980s and chart their production and release history, adding background details and facts, along with analysis of their box office performance.

The series will take in all manner of movies, covering a variety of genres, actors and directors. The ultimate goal is to create a brand new book that takes in all 80 essays. Not every film choice will make sense, and there will surely be classics that won’t make the cut – but I hope everyone will find something of interest. This isn’t a best of the 1980s, rather a collection of movies that entertained.

The idea came about when I was watching Beverly Hills Cop at the Astor Theatre recently. It occurred to me that unlike today, when every single detail is known about a film prior to its release, little was generally known about the stories behind movies back in the 1980s. Only the bigger releases generally got ‘makings of’ and they were rarely seen outside of Starlog, Cinefantastique and the like. 80 From The 80s hopes to go some way towards rectifying that situation.

The project is anticipated to take around two years to complete, and I aim to try to and finish a new essay every couple of weeks. I hope to put a number of them online as they’re done – depending on how the writing goes moving forward. At the end, they’ll be compiled into a book – hopefully both print and digital versions.

80 From The 80s won’t be a film review guide, but will offer an insight into the films you loved and a desire to see those you haven’t.


Sunday, 27 October 2013

The End of an Era

I've taken the decision to stop writing a weekly box office report. It's been a huge part of my life for many years, and I've done my best to turn in a report every Sunday evening, but all (quite) good things must come to an end.

Writing about film box office is a strange game, and offers something a little different most weekends. You're writing about film, but in a different way to a critic or a fan. I've never been a very good reviewer but in brief moments, I considered myself a pretty good box office reporter. I will miss writing each week, but for reasons I can't quite explain, now seems like the right time to stop.

I want to thank every one who has read, commented and shared the weekly reports, I hope people found something entertaining and informative within. I tried to fill them with things that you'd not often see in other similar work, and I hope that made them different enough for people to seek out and enjoy. I did my best to research any facts and figures I used because I felt that if people were willing to give up their time to read my work, they deserved something worthy of that effort in return. I hope I succeeded in that.

Box Office Voodoo will stay online until the domain name expires, and if I get chance one day, I'll compile all the reports I have into one document and make it freely available. If you're in need of an excellent replacement, I can't recommend Scott Mendelson's Forbes column highly enough.

Thank you for your time and support over the days, months and years, it has always been very much appreciated.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Short Hiatus

Due to a personal issue, the box office report will be taking a short break of around two weeks. All being well, normal service will resume after that. Thank you for your patience.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

U.S Box Office Report - 3rd - 6th October 2013

1. Gravity - $55.6M - $55.6M
2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2  - $21.5M - $60.5M
3. Runner Runner- $7.6M - $7.6M
4. Prisoners - $5.7M - $47.8M
5. Rush - $4.4M - $18M
6. Don Jon - $4.16M -$16M
7. Baggage Claim - $4.10M -$15.1M
8. Insidious Chapter 2 - $3.8M - $74.7M
9. Pulling Strings - $2.5M - $2.5M
10. Enough Said - $2.1M - $5.3M

This weekend finally sees the long-awaited release of the science fiction thriller Gravity. It was set to take on Runner Runner, a low key drama with a fairly high profile cast. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 dominated last weekend and looked to build on that this frame, especially with no direct competition to get in its way. Ahead to next weekend and we have the Tom Hanks real life drama Captain Philips, which is set to take on Robert Rodriguez' Grindhouse themed sequel, Machete Kills.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

U.S Box Office Report - 20th - 22nd Sept 2013

1. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2  - $35M - $35M
2. Prisoners - $11.2M - $38.9M
3. Rush - $10.3M - $10.5M
4. Baggage Claim - $9.3M -$9.3M
5. Don Jon - $9M -$9M
6. Insidious Chapter 2 - $6.7M - $69.5M
7. The Family - $3.6M - $31.6M
8. Instructions Not Included- $3.3M - $38.5M
9. We're The Millers - $2.8M - $142.4M
10. Lee Miller' The Butler - $2.4M - $110.2M

After a few quieter weeks, it's business as usual at the box office, with four major releases joining the fray. The Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs sequel looked to take on Baggage Claim, Don Jon and an expanding Rush. Prisoners was hoping to build on its impressive start but with the increased competition, it would need to rely on the strong word of mouth it had been accumulating. Next weekend brings the Justin Timberlake/Ben Affleck drama, Runner Runner, plus the long awaited release of Gravity.